Swimming Pools, 7 Most Commonly Overlooked Factors When Considering A Pool

Pools are a wonderful source of enjoyment during the summer months and also a chance for family and friends to gather and spend time together socially, away from the TV, stresses and distractions. The purpose of this blog is to help you to think about some of the important factors that you may not have considered; things outside of the type of pool to select and budget.

Location and orientation of your pool

Sometimes there are limited options here as the building envelope can often dictate size and location, but if it doesn’t, factoring the amount of sunlight and shade is critical to placement of your pool. Consider how many hours of sunlight and at what time of the day and how the home or landscape will cast shadow onto the pool.

There would be nothing worse than a pool to the south without any sunlight. Alternatively, if the pool orientation is west without any shade it could make the pool too sunny especially if you have small children. You may need to consider providing some shading; this may be via a partial sun shade, pergola or lourve system.

Modern Lourve System Over A Swimming Pool

Modern Lourve System Over A Swimming Pool

Modern Outdoor Pool With Great Location & Orientation

Modern Outdoor Pool With Great Location & Orientation

How will the pool interface with your home and outdoor entertainment area?

Questions to consider are:
• How do you want to use your outdoor area? Will it be a high traffic space that interfaces with your kitchen or a separate secluded space?
• Where will place your BBQ & how much outdoor furniture do you need to faciliate?
• Where do you want to watch the kids from if this is applicable?
• Where you will sunbathe and how big an area do you need for this?
• How many people will be using this space?

Outdoor Entertainment Area & Pool

Outdoor Entertainment Area & Pool

Storage and proximity to the bathroom

A big issue often missed is the proximity to a bathroom and the potential trail of wet feet if it is in the home. This can become both a cleaning nightmare & health hazard. If your home is in the pre-design stages you can factor this in. An outdoor powder is ideal or alternatively a powder that opens externally as well as internally. We have also designed cabana’s for clients which facilitates both the bathroom and storage.

How The Pool Interfaces With You Home And Outdoor Entertainment Area

How The Pool Interfaces With You Home And Outdoor Entertainment Area

Easy accessibility to pool storage is also important as you do tend to acquire all sorts of pool accessories like blowups, towels, sun recliner cushions etc. that need to be stored and easily accessible.

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Taking the outside inside- just because I love it

Our architects love designing pools that but up to the home with floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the pool from inside. It means you get to enjoy the serenity and beauty that water provides year round. Special coating can be applied to the windows so you don’t get splash marks.

The Pool Interfaces With Indoor And Outdoors

Luxury Pool From Our Kew Project

Landscaping- surfaces and planting correctly

A good landscape gardener will use appropriate plantings as part of their scheme; this should include plants that don’t shed which fits with the current trend in landscape pool design of minimalistic, almost sculptural use of plantings. Aesthetics aside, consider your flooring surface around the pool, if children are going to be big users you need to ensure that the flooring surface has a massive slip resistant factor because they will run circles.

One Of Our Luxury Pools & Landscaping

Swimming Pool In Our Flinders Project

Modern Luxury Swimming Pool Design From Out Eaglemont Project

The importance of good lighting

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a well-lit pool at night to set a mood. Your pool company will be able to direct you in this area but it is critical to good pool design and a complement to your landscape plan and general enjoyment of the outdoor area.

Modern Glass Wall Edge Swimming Pool

Coolum Bays Beach House in Queensland

Chic And Modern Swimming Pool Lighting

L Shaped Lap Pool From Sandringham Project

Choosing the right pool company

There are many reputable pool companies that are great to deal with, subject to your budget. Get online and do your research.

The most important piece of advice is in the of comparing quotes. It is really important to compare in an orderly itemized way to ensure you are comparing the same inclusions & exclusions between companies, a vastly cheaper quote may mean that something has been missed which you will pay for once in construction.