Our quality

Quality in every build

At Destination Living quality means every touch point reveals beautiful design and construction, where imaginative design is mapped to the detail.

  • Your home is centred on your ideas and must feel special
  • Innovative design is matched with quality workmanship and build detail
  • Having a wow factor which amazes and delights
  • Beautiful finishes which attract the eye and delight the touch are in every room
  • Thoughtful interplay of space and light
  • Flowing integration of indoor and outdoor living
  • Considered layout of rooms and connection of spaces
  • Skilled research and planning catering for future possibilities
  • Skilled, detailed crafting of joinery and finishes
  • Elegant, quality appliances and materials which last

The exterior of a new 2 storey custom home built by Destination Living with a wooden deck

The experience was fantastic from start to finish and the process was easier than I thought it would be. We just had the right people on board, everyone just worked really well together and we got the outcome we wanted.

Jay Munro

Ensuring quality standards are met

We have a strict internal process we follow to ensure there are multiple
checks from the team at different stages of the process.

Checking stages

Checking process



Our architect, interior manager, and builder meet with you to hear your vision and discuss your wish list and the possibilities from different angles.


We then forward you a formalised brief which has been checked from all perspectives to ensure we are all on the same page. You check the full brief to ensure all the details are covered before the architect’s concept designs are started.

Design concept and layout

The architect presents their direction to our internal team. Each facet of the design is scrutinised against your briefing to make sure everything is incorporated.


If, for any reason, something is not included, the team will consider the reason and discuss the arguments for and against the exclusion. The design concept is only presented to you when our team has agreed that all facets meet your criteria.

Architectural design and interiors

We realise it is sometimes difficult to properly conceive 2-dimensional plans and layouts. So at this point, we walk you through the concept with the Destination Living Virtual Reality.


This helps youexperience’ your home before it is built and allows us to refine:

  • the design concept
  • the floor plan and flow throughout your home
  • the experience of walking through inside and outside spaces
  • how your new home will capture views and aspects
  • the positioning of windows and height of benches and shelving
  • placement of your furniture

Once you are happy with the full experience and refinements, the detailed design and construction drawings are prepared before moving into the construction stage.


We understand that the building stage is quite stressful for many people. To alleviate any anxiety, we are rigorous with our checking so you don’t have to do it yourself. You’ll quickly find you can take comfort from the application of our experience and quality control.


We understand the build can be quite stressful. To alleviate any anxiety, the same team is still with you in the build. Our construction team work collaboratively with the design team and our clients throughout the build phase to ensure a quality outcome.


We have quality control measures and are regularly onsite to ensure that our standards are met and that the design is being accurately executed, ensuring there is absolutely no cutting corners in the construction and finishes.


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