Best New Interior Design Trends for 2016

Interior design trends are many and varied and seem to change as often as the seasons. However to narrow it down a little, three really strong trends we are seeing as emerging to the forefront of the remainder of 2015 and through into 2016 are the following trends!




It’s all about Interior Textures and Finishes

The hard lines and slick finishes we have seen a lot of are being softened or even replaced with a more organic look and feel. Actual and implied finishes are featuring everywhere in the very best homes overseas and this trend is filtering through here in Australia.



Inspired Lace and Textured Tiles

Wall finishes can be instantly be updated to incorporate this trend. Use highly textured (as opposed to patterned) wallpapers or wall coverings on your walls for a luxe look. There are quite a lot of these on the market, and are easily available and the ranges are endless. Not only to they look beautiful, but with the right lighting, the texture can really be enhanced and create a real wow factor.

Tiles and floor coverings are increasingly becoming more textural also. Whether an actual (tactile) texture of implied (visual) texture, this trend is seeing a return to materials such as travertine, distressed timber and textured tiles.


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Linen & Jute

Cottons are being replaced with linens and woven jute and natural fibres (or natural look fibres). Fabrics with bamboo filaments woven through them are very popular as are highly textured fabrics made from hemp and the like. Pair this with neutral tones, and homes have an aesthetic that is soft and looks borrowed form nature.

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Animal- Real or Faux

Animal furs and leathers are also increasing in popularity in interior design and décor.  Whether real or fake, these give a tactile and natural elegance to a home. Animal skins on the floor, especially cowhides, are serving to soften hard edges in living and dining rooms especially. Upholstering furniture in leather creates a lovely luxurious feeling and using a fur throw on a sofa or bed will add an instant update to your home. Highly textured cushions in goat or alpaca hair will also ensure your home is on trend.




Rich Jewel Colours

Pastel hues have been very popular for a long time, however we are really seeing a strong push toward bolder and stronger colours such as emeralds, teals, burgundy’s and ocean blues. These are not to be confused with bright colours however, they are just a more powerful colour way than pastels. We have seen this in fashion for a while now, and these jewel tones are certainly emerging quite strongly within interior spaces.  These colours, when used with restraint, look beautiful with a neutral palette and work well with the aforementioned trend of textures.

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Oh la la- Parisian Luxe

Finally we are starting to see a shift away from the Scandinavian trend that has been saturating the market over the last few years. This is being replaced with the understated luxury of all that is beautiful about French interiors. Think oversized gilt framed mirrors and artwork. Ensuring artwork subject matter is fresh and contemporary will keep this trend working. Rich timber floorboards or herringbone floors suit this look beautifully. Invest in some gorgeous statement furniture pieces that compliment your current furniture. Upholstering a Louis XIV chair in an on trend colour in a velvet material for example, would be a great way to play with this trend in your home.

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