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Interior Lighting – What you need to know

Lighting can make or break an interior. The correct use of illumination is critical to achieving the right look and feel of any space. Light is the most pivotal component of being able to perceive the world around us. Without


Concrete In Interior Design

While the concept of using concrete inside certainly isn’t new, it’s certainly a trend that is on the rise. From floors and walls to bench tops and even lights and accessories, the use of concrete is no longer just the


Furniture Design to Transform your Home

Where do you find furniture you love forever because it is exactly what you wanted but could never buy? Well why not have it specially designed by your own Interior Designer and custom made by a furniture specialist and remove


Travertine: Classical Beauty with Modern Appeal

Some things never go out of fashion. In the sometimes fickle world of interior design, travertine – a natural stone loved for its stunning beauty, durability and practicality – has stood the test of time. This luxurious stone was, in


Green with Envy for an Exquisite Shade

From precious gemstones and lush rainforests to shimmery seas, emerald green is a luminous hue that turns heads wherever it appears. This exquisite shade has been named Colour of the Year in 2013 by Pantone, which for the past ten


Elegant Splendour in French Provincial Style


For chic elegance and a natural rustic look, the French Provincial style is as enduring today as it was during the 18th century. This popular style of furnishing, decoration and architecture combines country elements and details inspired by French royalty


Furniture Design Trends

‘All-in-one’ Designs: A Point of Difference   Furniture creation and production is a very prolific industry with new design trends popping up all the time. It is hard to keep up with them, let alone make a decision on what


Japanese Interiors

There is a Zen harmony & a visual simplicity Uncluttered home, uncluttered mind The entirety of the space is used in the treatment of floor, ceilings, creating the illusion of space & flow. Mini rooms are created within rooms using