Choose your new hot water system wisely

Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water System

Every household uses the water heater several times throughout the day. Water heating accounts for a large proportion of household energy use.
When you talk efficiency, solar and gas hot water systems are more energy efficient and less expensive to run than electric ones.

When gas is not available, the option then is to install an electric boost solar hot water system or a heat pump.

Rebates are available when changing from an electric system to a gas or solar hot water system. These rebates are designed to assist with the cost of installation.

So the basic snapshot re: the differences between hot water systems are:

Electric: Low upfront cost to install. Maybe expensive to run unless it’s running on off peak electricity. Can also produce lots of greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas: Produces a low amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Needs an available gas connection. Fast heat recovery times and requires a small storage tank as gas is available 24 hours a day.

Solar: Produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Expensive to install but has the longest life span of all options and low running costs.

Heat Pump: Offers the most energy efficient way to provide heating as the pump can use renewable heat sources. Has medium range running costs and a similar lifespan to an electric system.

It’s worth researching different options before you build or before your current system dies so you know what to use or replace the old one with. Sometimes the only indications the tank is nearing the end of its useful life is when water starts to leak from the casing or if you notice discoloured water.

When this happens your tank will need to be replaced.

Bathroom Heat Controller

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