Christmas decoration trends & ideas

Preparing for Christmas is so much fun. It’s a chance to be creative and really showcase your personality and style through your Christmas decorations.

1 Candle sticks

This year there are a few key decoration trends that have taken their inspiration from several strong home décor trends of 2014.

2 candle holder pot

3 wheelbarrow presents

The first is the DIY or vintage look which will no doubt be very popular with craft enthusiasts and hipsters alike. The DIY approach to decorating at Christmas is much more hands-on and involves more creativity in a lot of ways. Following the craze of the mason jars, we will be seeing an influx of homes using these this year at Christmas. Fill them with sand, place a candle inside and wrap a ribbon around the top. This is a really quick and easy way to use existing items within your home. Top3 by design always have gorgeous things you can pick up that will work well with your home, and not just at Christmas!

4 pinecone lights

5 big pinecone light

6 winebottle candleholders

The theme of nature will also feature heavily in Christmas decorations this year. This is quite a beautiful trend and also a very easy way to decorate. Creating wreathes for your front door or fireplace mantle, using a metal circle and weaving greenery around in a circular fashion then threading in your decoration of choice, or a large bow, is a simple and effective way to create a point of interest. When it comes to personalising your Christmas wreath the possibilities are endless.

7 festive front door

8 festive door knocker

Using tree branches from your backyard is a resourceful and attractive way to combine several trends at once. It’s inspired from both the DIY and the nature trends. Branches can be used as a novel approach to a Christmas tree, or even spray painted gold or silver and placed around your home as general decoration and soft sprigs of greenery make attractive table decorations and centerpieces.

9 knife fork branch

10 stick vase

11 gold christmas tree

Another trend gaining momentum, closely themed with nature, is the use of everything deer. In the last few years we have seen the emergence of deer heads, motifs, antlers and the like being used consistently in urban home décor. Decorating with deer at Christmas gives your home some softness and gentleness. Deer are gorgeous creatures that remind us of the humane side of Christmas. They look beautiful on a mantle, as part of your table centerpieces or can look stunning by themselves own on a coffee or side table. A good place to look for them is Etsy where you will find a vast quantity of all things deer!

12 antler decoration

13 mini reindeer

14 branch in a bucket

15 gold and white christmas tree

16 deer candle holders

On the back of social medias proliferation of images Instagram has come to the fore as one of the preferred image sharing platforms. This has seen the trend of framed Instaquotes being popular this year with Christmas decorating. These are best suited if you are going for a fun and funky look at Christmas this year.

17 have yourself...

18 meet me

19 oh deer

20 eat drink

The most stylish and elegant of the 2014 Christmas decorating trends would have to be the combination of gold and black. These colours together create an undeniably luxe look in your home. But don’t just stop at decorations- why not co-ordinate your wrapping paper further creating the decadent look that this winning combination will achieve in your home this festive season.

21 black candles

22 fireplace horse

23 gold reindeer

24 black and gold presents

So from all of us here at Destination Living, we wish you and your family a happy, healthy and stylish festive season.