Colour Psychology

While most of us might overlook the importance of colour in our lives, it actually has an indirect impact on how we feel. Let’s exaggerate my point – your partner has decided to paint all the living room walls bright orange while you’re earning your hard dollar at work. Now imagine the emotion or feeling you will have as a result whilst sitting in your lounge room trying to watch your favourite TV show? For most of us, not very pleasant.
While there may be a small minority of those who may be a fan of such an environment, the general consensus is that such a scenario will make us feel uneasy.
Trends chop and change, fad colours and paint materials come and go. However, your natural and earthy palettes will have more success of being in the trend – all the while making a room more inviting and pleasant to be in. It’s not to say that one cannot use colours such as bright orange, just be mindful of how and where you apply such palettes. Your natural and earthy palettes provide an understated environment and to compliment the scene, one could use a vibrant palette to accessorise the room (i.e. such as vases, throw rugs, pillows etc). It helps break up the space and provides a point of difference – however be mindful that you don’t use items that scream too loudly and detract away from the environment you are trying to create.

Modern Living Room

Note the complimentary light pendants in the living area

Modern Media Room White

Note the purple ottomans and red vase provide a point of difference.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen

Plants are used to break up the space

Ultra Modern Kitchen

Contemporary Family Room

Pillows provide point of difference