Custom Built Luxury Homes

We create lifestyle ideas and options you may not have thought about.

Custom luxury home builders

At Destination Living, every home is designed and built to match our clients’ personality and lifestyle. The other factor that influences the design and architecture is the type of site we’re working with. We specialise in building luxury homes in Melbourne, whether it’s custom-built, a renovation or a knock down rebuild.


Different build sites and lifestyle needs

We understand the challenges of working with difficult or challenging blocks which slope or are narrow with privacy issues. We help clients navigate these restrictions and turn them into opportunities through a custom design and build.

Exterior of a two storey house in a narrow block built by Destination Living

Narrow Blocks

Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge when building custom homes, requiring specific skills, knowledge and expertise to navigate the design challenges and build the home that’s perfect for you.

The view of trees and greenery from a living room in a custom home built by Destination Living

Sloping Blocks

Some builders take a standard home design and try to fit it on a sloping block. Not Destination Living. We relish the opportunity to create a visionary home which captures its distinctive setting.

The view of trees and greenery behind a custom built home by Destination Living

Difficult Blocks

Home sites come in all shapes and sizes. The benefits of these blocks often outweigh the challenges as long as your vision is approached intelligently.

A mother and daughter reading a book on their white marble kitchen counter

Knock Down Rebuild

Often the best way to buy into or stay in the neighbourhood you want, is to knock down an outdated building and create a new home designed just for you.

The front exterior of a custom home built by Destination Living with bushes and greenery in front of it

Dual Occupancy

Create two properties often makes financial sense. It’s a common approach for owners to create another home on their land as a rental property or for sale while reimagining their current home or building a new one.

The exterior of a Californian bungalow inspired custom home built by Destination Living


At Destination Living, we bring a great deal of expertise in transforming the beautiful architecture gifted to us from the past into wonderful living spaces designed for you today.

Custom home builds: FAQs

Why build a custom home?

You can customise new builds to your lifestyle, often have lower upkeep costs, and include modern-day appliances and technology.

From the design of the facade to the interior and exterior colour scheme, building a custom home allows you to design a house unique to your personality and needs, with the space to create your own family memories from scratch. And when it comes to location, the choice is yours!

Having a great relationship with your architects and builders helps them execute your vision and bring your dream custom home to life.

Is it better to build a custom home?

Older homes often have hidden costs, from minor repairs to major renovations, and you often have to compromise on what you’re looking for in your dream home. Choosing a custom home builder gives you the freedom to customise all aspects of the build.

While a custom home may have a higher upfront cost than buying an older home, it will also more likely be energy efficient, cost less in repairs, and come with modern, high-quality appliances and fittings.

Whether you want a sleek modern home in the suburbs, investing in a duplex, or coastal chic by the sea, a custom build gives you the power to create your dream home with the confidence it will last your lifetime (and beyond).

How to choose a custom home builder?

It’s vital to find a custom builder that you trust and who understands your vision. You are collaborating with your builder to make your dream home a reality.

Many custom home builders are made up of a team of architects and construction builders, overseeing everything from design to execution. You can often view their portfolios online to see if it suits your style before committing to any consultations.

What is the process of having a custom home built?

What happens next once you’ve found a custom builder to help design and build your dream home? Before you can build, your custom builder will:

  • Conduct a feasibility study, including a review of relevant permits, boundaries and services.
  • Involve architects and designers to create a brief for your new home and concept designs.
  • Start the selection process of materials and details.

At Destination Living, we also offer an immersive VR experience to help better visualise what your new home will look like after it’s built.

Do custom homes cost more?

Custom homes generally cost more than turnkey houses or home and land packages and may not include the cost of land, which will vary on the square footage.

When creating a custom home, you are also paying for:

  • A team of designers and architects to bring your dream home to life.
  • Bespoke details to suit your style and lifestyle.
  • Building site costs.

The location you choose, the size of your block of land and whether it is a ‘difficult block’ and home specs all factor into the final cost. Use the Destination Living calculator to get an estimate.

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