Coastal Homes

The living room in a coastal home built by destination living

Our process ensures that creating your coastal home is an exciting experience from beginning to end.

Coastal home design and build

At Destination Living, we love creating coastal homes for our clients and over the past 20 years, we have designed and built resort-style coastal homes for use as holiday homes as well as primary residences. Clients will often have a more relaxed approach to a house by the sea, giving our architects and interior designers greater creative license to deliver a truly unique and special home.

Building coastal homes that last

The strains placed on coastal homes are unique and varied, especially with the ever-present struggle against the damaging sea breeze. The materials chosen for every coastal home must be carefully selected to ensure its long term structural integrity.

With over 20 years of experience, you can be confident that your custom-built coastal home will be beautifully designed and built to last.

the pool room in a coastal home built by Destination Living

Environmental factors of coastal homes

Every coastal home seeks to take full advantage of its beautiful environment and views, which then informs the orientation and meaning of the place within its landscape. Addressing these factors correctly requires thoughtful planning and design expertise.

Our team of architects, interior designers and builders have the experience to navigate all environmental considerations involved in designing and building your coastal home, alongside any council requirement that need to be met.

Unique considerations of coastal homes

The views

Unsurprisingly, Coastal homes with views are highly sought after, but they also come with their own unique set of considerations and factors. These include how best to orientate the home, its impact on neighbouring views, and the impact of the sun and wind on the structure.

The orientation

The orientation of coastal homes can be dictated by the views, landscape or access points to the home. We look to perfectly orientate your home, factoring in passive design principles, looking at airflow, protected open outdoor living, as well as pool positioning.

The sun, wind and landscape

We conduct wind and sun studies to factor how both will impact the residence. This informs room and window placement and furnishing, as well as where balconies should be located. The surrounding environment, including vegetation, is another important factor to consider prior to design.

Coastal home interiors

Destination Living’s design team consider how the home will be used; assessing storage requirements, how you will enter and exit from the beach, whether it will it be rented out and most importantly, the home’s look and feel

Iconography of a culculator with an orange dollar sign to the right handside. Representing Destination Living's building calculator.

Calculate the cost of building your coastal home

Your own coastal home should be unique to your lifestyle and your needs. With over 20 years’ of experience in designing and building custom homes, we can help you calculate the cost of creating your dream, sea-side abode.

Coastal Homes: FAQ

How can Destination Living help me design my beach house or coastal home?

At Destination Living, our beach house design projects are managed in-house by our team of architects, builders, and designers. We work with you to develop your coastal home design, from creative brief to completion, so that you can enjoy a luxury custom home by the sea, designed for you and the surrounds.

We follow a thorough 7 stage process that blends creativity, quality, and research to help take your beach house concept from dream to reality. You are always central to the project and never rushed into decisions.

The journey you take with us includes:

  • A feasibility study of your site
  • A creative brief to outline the goals and priorities of your project
  • Concept and floorplan design
  • An immersive virtual reality experience of your coastal building design
  • Detailed design and interior design in 3D
  • Completion of working drawings to finalise construction costs
  • The build

Ride the wave with us. Together we will create your ideal architecturally designed coastal home.

How much does it cost to build a beach house or coastal home?

We update the cost of your project at varying points throughout the design process. This helps you to decide how you want to allocate your budget. The cost of your coastal building design will be affected by factors including:

  • Your site – location, the slope of the land, and accessibility
  • The elements – the impact of fire, wind, and sea on the materials
  • The size of your beach house design – complexity of design and level of fit-out
  • Your budget

We can help you understand quickly if your vision will fit your budget with our luxury home building calculator.

What are the main considerations when building a coastal home?

Coastal architecture comes with a list of essential considerations that includes:

  • You. At Destination Living, all our projects start with our clients, not a floorplan. We are passionate about creating a coastal home that fulfills your vision and complements your lifestyle. We want to understand your inspiration. How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? How many functional spaces do you need? How do you like to entertain family and friends? Where do you unwind? These questions, and more, help us to design a luxury coastal home that is true to your vision.
  • Views and Orientation. Coastal home designs with views are highly sought after. If you have views, we determine the best orientation for your home to embrace that view or aspect. We also factor in protected outdoor living areas, airflow, and passive design elements to make your home energy efficient.
  • The Elements. While a sea breeze is refreshing and invigorating, it also wreaks havoc on most coastal home designs. We complete a wind and sun study at your site to determine the best placements for windows and balconies. This way, we ensure you get the comfortable coastal home you deserve.
  • Materials. Living by the sea means salt everywhere (and not just on your fish and chips). Corrosion is the number one challenge for coastal building design. We use higher grade and specially treated materials to protect your beach house from corrosion and deterioration due to the elements. While this may add an initial cost increase to your build, it will help keep maintenance costs down in the future.

With over 20 years of experience in beach house design, we take these factors into consideration to create you a unique coastal home that complements the natural landscape and is built to last.

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