Heritage Homes

Whether it’s a well-preserved period home or run-down, restoring a heritage home needs the right expertise and dedication.

Renovating heritage homes for modern living

At Destination Living, we not only build ultra-modern homes but also bring a great deal of expertise in transforming the beautiful architecture gifted to us from the past into wonderful living spaces.


Designing with sensitivity and creativity

Connecting a modern addition to a period home requires architectural expertise and respect for, and sensitivity to, the original design.

We can help you design a contemporary extension to add open plan living areas, bring in natural light and sensitively blend it to the original building and a garden or courtyard.

the left image is a mother and young daughter talking in a nook with their dog infront of them the right image is a light bedroom with bookshelves and a seat for reading in a custom home built by Destination Living

Heritage overlays are not a limitation but a wonderful opportunity.

Some of Melbourne’s finest heritage houses can be re-imagined and renovated if you bring architectural creativity and building expertise to your project. From classic French provincial to Federation style houses,

Destination Living has worked with heritage buildings for 20 years. We understand how to make the most of planning and design opportunities and can negotiate with your council for you.

Opportunities when choosing a Heritage House

The right property

If you have found the perfect heritage home; an original with plenty of character our first step is to check if there are any planning controls and overlays which may impact its potential.

We will see if your home has heritage significance and then determine how much freedom you will have before we begin planning.

New living spaces

The living spaces of today are very different to the designs common decades ago. Kitchens have become a living space and open plan area a necessity as this is where most people spend most of their time at home.

A flowing transition from inside to outside spaces is also now desirable so we will consider whether your property can accommodate it.


Many materials used in a buildings structures or joinery and fixtures can be expensive to find, buy and install. Destination Living can help you find modern substitutes which may be longer lasting and less expensive.

Blending the best of the old with the functionality and superior wear of the new can be done sensitively and add intrigue and interest to a remodelled home.

Light and space

Opening up older homes to bring in more natural light can transform the feeling inside an older home. This often takes real expertise and skill in more restricted inner-city sites but it’s a critical ability when considering a heritage building.

Considerations of owning and renovating heritage homes


Changes to heritage buildings must not diminish, destroy or conceal original components of the building. Changes to original features should only occur after other options have been considered and should ideally be reversible.


The first thing to consider is what you would like to change and what can’t be modified.

Properties with a heritage listing usually have planning restrictions on alterations and additions, so these need to be understood by a professional before signing any contract. Usually an additional level cannot be added.

Old and new

Changes whichfalsify’ the evidence of the building’s history must be avoided. New work to a heritage building needs to be sympathetic to its original features and certain fixtures or features will not be able to be changed.

Know it’s history

An understanding of a building’s significance and period must underpin any work undertaken. The setting of a building is also an important part of its significance.

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Iconography of a culculator with an orange dollar sign to the right handside. Representing Destination Living's building calculator.

Calculate the cost of your renovation

Renovation projects, especially for heritage buildings, can often come with their own unique challenges and intricacies. With over twenty years of experience in re-imagining and renovating homes, we can help you calculate the cost of your project.

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