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Narrow Block Home Builders

Narrow block homes are a unique opportunity. Push boundaries with a skilful approach to creative house design.

Narrow block house designs

Narrow or odd-shaped sites present a unique opportunity and a challenge. Often these blocks require specific architectural skills, knowledge, and expertise to be able to maximise their potential when building the perfect home for you.


Design and build on narrow blocks

Design, forethought and planning are the essential keys to unlocking the potential of a narrow site. With the right approach and an investment of time at the outset, there is no need for compromise. Research, experience and a little experimentation pave the way for innovation.

With careful consideration of the site, Destination Living can provide you with the best layout for a narrow block home that overcomes any constraints and creates imaginative, unique outcomes.

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Narrow blocks require one-off designs

The challenges arising from a narrow block cannot be met by volume builders who rely on template solutions. To create a special home Destination Living’s architecturally driven approach, capitalises on each site’s unique orientation and idiosyncrasies.

Thoughtful planning

An investment in holistic planning at the design phase is paramount to ensure a unique and beautifully designed home crafted to meet your needs and capitalise on the opportunities your site presents within your budget.

Clever architectural thinking

Our architects’ advantage is their skill in configuring the best solution within the complexities presented by an unusual allotment. Great narrow house designs consider and balance all factors to ensure your home’s aesthetics and function makes the most of every aspect and the surrounding landscape.

Our expertise with narrow blocks

Destination Living’s team of architects, interior designers and builders are highly experienced in designing homes for difficult blocks and narrow sites. We look at the project holistically and plan construction after considering all aspects in your project brief.

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How much does it cost to build a narrow block home?

Calculate the cost of building your narrow block home

Narrow blocks can often come with their own unique challenges and intricacies. With over twenty years of experience in designing and building custom homes on narrow blocks, we can help you calculate the cost of your project.

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