Easy Home Renovation Ideas For Brightening Up A Tired Bathroom

Mornings can be hard enough without having to look at not just your tired face, but a tired looking bathroom!
Bathing and beautifying are ideally tasks best undertaken in beautiful surrounds. A bathroom should be a place that is a place of luxury and sanctuary, a place where you can relax and unwind.

Luxuy Bathroom Renovation

Establish budget and wish list

The first step to a bathroom renovation is to work out your budget and a wish- list for how you wish your bathroom to look. Create a Pinterest
board, pinning images of your dream bathroom. From there it will be easy to work out what items you are really wanting. Once you have assessed the suitability and workability in your existing space, consider what existing items you can keep, and what items you will replace.

Renovated Bathroom with Skylight

Depending on the scope of work, you will hopefully be able to keep the existing tiles, unless of course they are extremely outdated or cracked, in which place its essential they are removed and replaced. If they need to be replaced this can be a big job, so be prepared for this. If purchasing new tiles are going to be part of your overhaul, then it’s imperative you have considered the appearance and format of your tile. A larger format tile can tend to make your room appear larger, and with less grout to clean, it’s often a win-win tile solution.

The impact of colour selection

Tile colour is hugely important. The “feel” of your bathroom can change dramatically depending on the colour selected. A darker tone will always make your space feel more intimate. Darker tones can also hide a multitude of sins, and create a moody sense of luxury in a bathroom. However if light bright, clean and minimal is what you are trying to achieve in your bathroom, then always stick to lighter bone tone. Neutrals have the advantage of being considerably more timeless and appeal to more people as a general rule, when it comes to re-sale!

Clean Modern Bathroom with Rendered Wall

Clean White Bathroom Renovation In Melbourne

Plumbing, tapware and knowing your trades

Next work out what tasks you can perform yourself, and then ascertain what trades you will need to employ. If you are replacing plumbing fixtures, you will definitely need a skilled trade to assist you with this. My recommendation for good overhaul for any tired bathroom is to at the very least, replace the toilet and the tapware. While extra labour costs will be added for a wall-hung toilet, visually it can streamline the look of your bathroom, and instantly update with the contemporary aesthetic.

Beautiful Modern Bathroom

Tapware trends are ever changing, so investing in some new tapware is key to freshening up your tired bathroom. Stick with sleek clean lines in polished chrome to create some subtle sparkle to your bathroom. Make sure that your vanity, bath and shower taps are all from the same range from the same brand. This will create visual cohesion in the space. A new shower head is also a very worthy investment and can make all the difference. Again, the same visual rules apply here. It’s also a great opportunity to research and buy the shower head you have always wanted, with correct pressure and water saving capabilities.

Ultra Modern Bathtub Tap and Outlet

Modern Grey Bathroom Mixed With Black And Timber.

You may also go so far as to replace your bath, however bear in mind that this has the potential to be a big job depending on what style of bath you are replacing and what style of bath you are replacing it with! For example, if you are replacing a traditional built in rectangular bath with a gorgeous organic freestanding tub, then this will have a knock-on effect to the plumbing, the tiling, and even potentially the structure. My recommendation here is to definitely have the correct trades involved with a job of this size.

Cherry Blossom Bathroom Wallpaper

Other bathroom accessories such as toilet paper roll holders, towel rails and robe hooks are also items that can be easily replaced with more contemporary counter-parts, for a good quick spruce up .Again, it’s essential that these work in harmony with your selected tapware. These little items are things that you can generally easily replace yourself.

Lighting and mirrors

Replacing a small, worn or cracked mirror above your vanity is another relatively quick and easy way to update your bathroom. Always remember the larger the mirror, the more capability light has to reflect around the space. This is especially good for a small bathroom, as it will make your space appear much larger. While you are ordering a mirror, it might also be an opportune time to consider a magnifying mirror as well.

Bathroom With Marble Benchtop And Splashback

Modern Bathroom Sink & Counter

While it will involve yet another trade, updating your bathroom lighting can also reap huge rewards for a tired bathroom. Many people will find outdated fittings easily replaced with smart slim line energy saving efficient ones. If you have for example an old Oyster fitting, consider a fun and stylish update. Trust me; it will make a huge difference!

Modern Bathroom Featuring Shadow Light Splashback

Hoff Residence Bathroom

Ultimately however, by far the quickest, easiest and most cost effective solution to renovating any tired room in your house, and particularly your bathroom, is to accessorize, accessorize accessorize ! Buy some wonderfully chic and luxurious towels, some decadently fragrant candles and of course some beautifully packaged hand soap. Carefully select exquisite bowls for display and the very best room fragrance money can buy. Small attention to detail with these seemingly small items, will make a huge difference overall. And last, but by no means least, purchase weekly, volumes of beautiful flowers for your bathroom.

Voluspa Home Decor For Bathroom

105x1.2mm with 16mm bore

So go forth and beautify your boring bathroom and see the difference it makes to your home. Trust me; your time spent in your bathroom will become more of a relaxing escape rather than a daily chore.

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