Eaves, glass and insulation work wonders and can reduce your bills.

A roof with eaves is a cheap and effective way to help keep your home cool in summer. The eaves help shade walls and windows from the high angle summer sun.

Eaves work particularly well on the north side, providing effective summer shading and

letting in winter sun, without you having to do a thing. This happens because winter sun is at a lower angle than the summer sun and comes in under the eaves.

Eaves can also help with waterproofing and can stop paint from cracking and fading in the sun. If you choose a style without eaves, just be aware that you’ll want to include additions like adjustable window shutters to keep your home comfortable.

Glass is thepath of least resistance’ for losing or letting in heat, so don’t go overboard on it. If you do, your home may feel like a sauna in summer and an igloo in winter. The way the sun moves across the sky means that some places are better for glass than others.

Glass facing north is ideal because you get lots of winter sun and all you need are eaves to shade it in summer. Glass facing east or west can overheat in summer and needs adjustable shading like shutters or louvres. Deep shade pergolas can also work well in some cases.

Glass facing south doesn’t get much sun and could make your home feel cold in winter.

If you live in a cooler climate like Melbourne, consider double glazing to keep your home more comfortable. Curtains with pelmets will also help to keep warmth in.

Windows that can open up wide make it easy to capture cooling breezes in summer.

Fly screens, security grilles and windows that lock when partly open allow you to let breezes in whenever you need to.

Although you don’t see it, you’ll feel the impact of good insulation every day. Your home will be quieter and more comfortable plus you’ll save money on energy bills. The right level of insulation for your home depends on your climate but generally the more the better.

Make sure you have reflective insulation (like shiny foil sarking that goes under the roof) as well as bulk insulation like batts. The higher theR value’ the better the insulation. Make sure you also have good draft proofing, including weather seals on windows and external doors.

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