Furniture Design to Transform your Home

Where do you find furniture you love forever because it is exactly what you wanted but could never buy?
Well why not have it specially designed by your own Interior Designer and custom made by a furniture specialist and remove the stress of searching for the unattainable. It could be anything from built in banquettes, headboards, ottomans, bookcase to house your p[prized possessions or bench seating cantilevered to make the area feel lighter than it really is.


You will be able to use the fabric you love and have held onto but didn’t know how or where.
Such as this colourful bed modernised with brightly coloured fabric highlighted with period detailing in the frame. A truly unique bed to sleep in every night.


This specially designed bed comes with custom headboard and side wings to sit up and read in bed, a practical element to a feature head board.


You can add all the buttoned detailing and stud work you so love but could not find in other furniture shops. Such as this custom u-shape banquette with an industrial 1940’s feel specifically taking advantage of the natural light and views. This would have been a difficult space to fit furniture within and still allow enough circulations space with minimal seating achieved. Where this built in furniture item maximises the seating and frames the window making it a highly practical space in the home to eat, read and study at.


This banquette seating incorporates shelving behind to fully maximise the use of space. Framed with images and decorative ornaments to tie in a theme to the space. An impressive display, for guests to want to sit at and chat into the wee hours of the night.


You can customise the banquette seat to fit your home exactly to suit the quantity of people you want to seat.
Using timber instead of upholstery changes the look and feel of the area making it a modern feature of craftsmanship. You can add cushions to change the look and feel of the space with current design trends as you like.



You can have your very own designer select other fabrics and chairs to compliment the built in furniture to make it a statement room, like the below images.



You can even design the furniture to run along a tiny area to economise on space, tie the whole room in as one and add extra seating you didn’t think would fit with plenty of room to spare.


You can even have your island bench in your kitchen act as a multi-functional bar area for guests to mingle around at parties. Like this industrial looking island bench with feature lighting and skylight above. An inviting space to be welcomed by day or night.


Custom furniture does not have to be a one off piece but built in as a concept as part of the interior design service to add value to the already feature home. With assistance from your designer you can add a complimentary bedhead and lighting to make to room work with a common theme of principals and elements. This below bedroom is not something that you can buy from a store but carefully pulled together as a whole concept for the client. The bed head not only acts as a feature to the room but also ties-in with the whole colour scheme of the bedroom to compliment the built in wardrobe with feature crown cut timber veneer. The painted black wall above the headboard ties in with the dark veining in the timber and carpet to create a themed bedroom experience suited to the tastes of it occupant. With a minimal 2 colour theme used with varying lighter and darker shades to make the room harmonious.


Similarly this bedroom incorporates a built in headboard and custom designed ottoman to enhance the look of the room. The feature lighting, bed linen and rug in comparison to the previous image creates a completely different concept for its occupant to suit their personal style.

As is this bedroom.


And this bedroom.


You can even create a completely different space with built in furniture that creates a family room you would never have dream of.


So if you are after a look that cannot be bought in the stores and are after a look that is uniquely you, think of hiring an Interior designer for some inspiration to pull all your ideas together to create a uniquely you home.