Great ideas for furnishing your Home Theatre

When furnishing your home theatre the first thing you should ask yourself is “What mood or feeling am I wanting to create in here?” From the fabulous and flashy to the relaxed and restful, this will dictate the direction that you take with furnishing your home theatre.

Starry sky theatre

theatre ceiling lighting

Secondly, who is using the home theatre? If it is mainly your children you may wish to create a fun and playful atmosphere, whilst if you will be entertaining your friends, you may take a more mature and refined approach.

theatre - wrap around seating

Comfortable and stylish seating

Home theatres are all about enjoying what is on the screen. It is therefore imperative that you select some comfortable seating. You may wish to consider daybeds, beanbags, armchairs, recliners or even sofas. Armchairs and operable recliners offer upright comfort and a more traditional approach to seating within a home theatre. However why not experiment with beds and beanbags for laid back movie viewing.

theatre - pillows, lots of pillows

Some armchairs come with all sorts of additions such as drink holders, tactile transducers and different levels of reclining operations. If you are a serious movie watcher then it’s really important that your comfort is carefully considered.

theatre - sail boat

Selecting furniture for your theatre

Ottomans make a really welcome addition in a home theatre and they can be dual purpose. They can be used to put your feet up on and also place a tray with drinks and food on. A clever idea is to purchase ottomans with storage capabilities so that you can place warm throws or even your remotes and games controllers inside.

theatre - black as

Side tables that are easy to move are also recommended. These can easily be pulled up to your chair and similarlarly used to place your iced teas and bowls of popcorn on.

theatre - skyfall

Always ensure that the fabric you select ties in with your theme and the overall look and comfort level that you are trying to achieve. Leather is most often found on home theatre seating due to its durability and longevity. However leather has a tendency to conduct heat, so fabric options are worth exploring. Loose throw cushions are also a must for comfort and these can be in accent colours that complement your colour scheme.

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Entertainment units: “Built in or not built in, that is the question!”

Entertainment units, built-in or freestanding, are also a necessary addition when furnishing your home theatre. These units will house your audio, visual and gaming equipment and any other ancillary items that require storage. Storage will be important in your home theatre and if you find that an entertainment unit is not sufficient then definitely invest in an additional piece.

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theatre - photos

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A bar is worth considering in your home theatre. This is a space where you can have a bar fridge for cold drinks, a space for a popcorn maker, soda stream or cocktail shaker! Ensure that the finishes selected work back in with your overall colour scheme.

theatre - paramount

Acoustic paneling for aesthetics and performance

Acoustic and decorative wall paneling will help finish off and add polish to furnishing your home theatre. These are generally made of foam to absorb sound and can be fabric wrapped or you can find pre-fabricated ones in a vast array of colours, patterns and shapes- yes, that’s right-shapes! 3D acoustic panels add drama and visual excitement to your home theatre as well as being practical!

theatre - red

theatre - wall tiles

Once you have furnished your home theatre, take a seat, put your feet up, relax with your favourite movie and munchies, and let the stress of daily life fade away into a distant memory. ‘