Greening Your Home- Bringing The Outside In

Adding greenery to your interior, can not only look beautiful but also be great for your health. Plants or greenery can add visual interest by adding not only a welcome colour injection, but also a sense of movement and texture.

natural light and indoor plants

Greenery can quite literally make a space come alive! Depending of the type of planting or greenery used, you can create sculptural forms and focal points in your home. The colour green is also attached to positive psychology, symbolizing energy and balance. Green is also the colour of growth, the colour of spring, and of renewal. It restores depleted energy.

Living room green interior design

Plants can help to make your home into a sanctuary away from the stresses of modern living, and help restore you back to a sense of well being. Having plenty of green plants around can also reduce stress, increase wellbeing, purify the air and increase oxygen levels, and can even help reduce noise.

Living room green interior design

The most popular way to introduce greenery into your home is by way of using indoor plants. First do your research on what type of plants will suit their indoor environment. Be sure to ask an expert before buying your indoor plants, to ensure their longevity and suitability indoors.

window & indoor plants & wood floors

It’s very important to consider the look of the plant, the size of the plant in proportion to the room, and last but not least, you must consider the size shape and colour of the pot in which this plant will live. The pot that you select should be seen as being as important as any other carefully placed accessory in your home, Think of it as an opportunity to add a sense of subtle style with silver, or keep the pot understated and elegant in neutral tones that blend in with your interior styling.

white interior with indoor fern

There are however several more unconventional and increasingly popular ways to bring the outside in!
This is the ultimate low maintenance way to bring greenery inside, particularly if you have a small area and you lack a green thumb! . Terrariums have seen a massive resurgence and are currently trending very highly in home décor, and for a reason!

Bulbosa and Echinops Terrarium

A terrarium brings a mini eco system into your home and can be a thing of beauty and wonder. A terrarium is a clear glass bowl which contains soil and typically tropical or sub tropical plants that require little very watering .

small indoor plant

Succulents will be easy to care for, and make for exquisite additions to your home with their shapes and colours.Stand alone, or hanging,. These beautiful items create a unique focal point in kitchens, living rooms or even studies.


Green walls
Vertical gardens, or green walls are panels of plants that are grown vertically on structures attached to walls. They can also be called eco walls or living walls.

Green Wall of Ivy Leaves

These incredible structures help bring the outside in, in an incredibly affective manner. They are visually impressive in both their scale and beauty.

green wall and timber stairs

They are also easy to maintain and require very little water when correctly irrigated. Due to the scale of most green walls, it is important to ensure that the room itself is large enough to carry the scale of your new lush indoor installation.

interior wall filled with plants

So this weekend, why not make the most of Spring, brush off your green thumb, and embrace the notion of bringing the outside in. You will soon be rewarded with the plant-astic results!