Home designs for downsizers

The upside to downsizing, is that you will have the freedom to reassess and overhaul your living arrangements, your possessions and your finances.

Downsizing Home Design

Many of us associate a large home with prestige , however just because you are locating to a smaller home, it does not mean that you need to compromise on life’s luxuries and the way of life you have become accustomed to.

Downsized Modern Home Design

With our downsizer clients typically configurations that we create are below

1. Develop their exsisting block with a dual occupancy – keeping one & selling or renting the other/s
2. A dual occupancy with an existing residence at the front & build new at the back
3. A single residence knock down rebuild for intergenerational living with an adult child and their family, usually a larger residence carefully designed to accomodate several generations.

Each one of these are individually tailor designed and built, each with the longevity of use for the residents in mind


Outdoor living will see you no longer having to maintain vast expanses of unruly lawns , or spending your precious weekends weeding. Instead , take time to relax and unwind on a beautifully designed deck with easy to sustain landscaping.



Before you move into your new home, do an inventory on your possessions. You will find that a lot of your furniture may not fit in, or suit your new home. See this as an opportunity to perhaps invest in some newer, more streamlined and elegant furniture for your new space.You may even be inspired to play with colour or pattern in your new space, where you may have not had the opportunity to do so until now.


More compact spaces in developments see Architects and Designers striving to give you maximum storage in clever ways, incorporating this into beautifully designed joinery.The pleasure of downsizing will soon become apparent when you start to enjoy entertaining using your new state of the art appliances in your ergonomically designed kitchen, complete with easy to maintain finishes.



Ultimately, a smaller home means less cleaning, and lets face it, who wants to fill their days with chores? Instead ,relax and enjoy your new found leisure time with your friends and family and pursuing the activities that you so richly deserve at this stage in your life. ‘