Home Theatre

If you love your movies and your music, then a home theatre is a must for you!!


Careful planning is paramount for a successful home theatre.


The first consideration will be the size or the room you already have, or for a new home, the size of the room that will become your designated entertainment destination!


Firstly, what are you going to watch your movies on? This is quite personal choice and will depend on your budget and your wall space. The most popular options are large plasma screens and of course projector screens.


Home theatre seating is vastly superior to that you will find at any old movie cinema. Home theatre seating now offers unsurpassed comfort, cup holders, reclining operations, not to mention tactile transducers. What’s a tactile transducer you ask? Well this feature will see your cinematic experience heightened by using a device in your seat that is connected to your audio equipment. Essentially this will cause your chair to vibrate as the bass from noises in the movie happen. It will help make you literally feel something when watching a movie!! You will also want to consider the style and colour of your home theatre chairs. Whether is leather or plush velvet, rounded or square arms, there truly is a style to suit every taste.



To match your seating style and colour you will also want to consider the rest of the colour scheme. Darker walls and ceiling will see light reflection from the screen absorbed, which is why we often see greys or even blacks used in home theatres. Not only the colour of the paint, but the actual finish is important. A flat finish or satin finish is imperative. Additional colour may be added with the introduction of curtains, acoustic wall panels and of course lighting.



Acoustics are also something that will need to be considered so you can really enjoy your home theatre experience. Acoustic wall panels may be added to the walls and ceiling, and even the carpet you use can help absorb sound. Why not consider fabric wrapped panels to create a real wow factor?


Engaging an audio and electrical specialist is highly advised, to help with setting up speakers, any other audio equipment and also your home theatre lighting.


A sense of excitement and atmosphere can be created with clever use of lighting. Ambient and accent lights are essential. But what about creating an out-of this world feeling with sparkly LED spotlights in the ceiling? Recessing LED strip lighting in a concealed bulkhead is also an attractive addition to your home. Using a remote control, dimmable options, and also programmable lighting modules are technological advances that are now commonplace in home theatres.