A guide to choosing the right designers and builders for sloping blocks

If you are looking to design and build your dream home on a sloping block, it can be difficult to know who to work with as sloping sites have many complexities to be considered.

To help, we have quickly summarised the 3 most common design and building approaches taken to sloping sites.

1. The Set Plan Approach

Favoured by volume builders, they have set plans to choose from and there is little to no customisation allowed. Often they won’t do sloping sites because of this, but if they do, the common approach is to cut a hole into the site and create a flat floor plate for the home to be built on.

Set plan custom builders also have a range of pre-designed plans for sloping sites. They then choose a plan for you that best suits your block and customise it to make it fit.

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2. Quick Concept Approach

Favoured by architects, custom builders and building designers – they’ll quickly draw you a concept for a nominal or no cost and see how you like it. They may even have you order a survey and soil test.

This approach to a sloping site is a sales tactic and a great bargain, however, it’s likely that whatever they have drawn won’t work and will need to be redesigned as they haven’t taken the time to complete a full feasibility and understand what you want and how that will work with your sloping site and your budget.

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3. Planned Pre-design – Destination Living’s Approach

We have continuously perfected our processes working with sloping sites over the last 20 years to ensure we can design and deliver the very best home for each sloping block site.

We have an informed pre-design approach, meaning we seek to gather all of the information we need about the site, what it has to offer, what the issues are, and what you want for your home and lifestyle.

Only once we have gathered all of the information above do we begin the design work. This ensures that we have captured everything you want, and we understand everything the site offers as well as its constraints and how it fits your budget. This is why we are consistently able to deliver unique, well-designed homes for our clients.

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