How to create a luxurious hotel feel in your home

Staying in a luxurious hotel can transport you to another world. Visually, a luxurious hotel is elegant, sophisticated and often a little on the hedonistic side.

modern reception

It is the attention to detail, the finishes used and the drama created that all contribute to this sense of opulence. Experiencing this luxurious hotel feel within your own home is easily achieved with a few simple additions and design tricks.

Creating an experience and visual feast for the eyes using drama and contrast to give that “Wow” factor will help infuse thathotel feel’ within your home. This feeling can be created as soon as you enter your home. One thing you will notice upon entering a luxurious hotel is the grandeur of the foyer. Try and replicate this in your home with a decorative pendant, a feature finish to the walls, a large round mirror and a console table with an enormous vase filled with vibrant flowers.

elegant details - hallway

beautiful walls & minimal spaces

Living spaces can also be modeled on luxurious hotels. The famous designer Phillipe Starck is renowned for using scale and colour to create drama in his hotel designs. Why not try this within your home using oversized mirrors, large vibrant artworks and bold groupings of pendants to replicate this heightened sense of drama and excitement.

Adding feature wall and ceiling treatments will take your living spaces to an even more hotel-like aesthetic. Ceiling treatments really add drama, whether it is a simple ceiling coffer with recessed lighting or a suspended decorative panel. More often than not luxurious hotels use wall coverings which are not only hard wearing, but absolutely stunning. From soft gold threads woven through silk or bold velvet flocking wall coverings really do create next level luxury in any room, not just your living spaces. I personally like to see it carried through all the bedrooms.

elegant furnishings

bedroom - relaxing mood palette

Bedrooms are really where appearances are all important! Often dark and moody in colour scheme, the finishes play a critical part in creating the ambience. Orchestrating a careful mix of actual and implied textures creates a wonderful layering effect, adding luxury and visual interest. An oversized upholstered headboard is essential for that decadent feeling to any bedroom. A feature regularly employed in high end hotels is the integration of the bathroom, bedroom and wardrobe. This creates a seamless experience when transitioning between the spaces and makes the space incredibly user friendly.

elegant headboard

Bathrooms are all about luxury!! It’s the creation of a spa like sanctuary that adds depth to the overall experience. A feature free-standing bathtub oozes precious “me-time” while mood lighting, niches and exclusive brands of toiletries are extra details that can bring the whole experience together.

luxury bath

clever bath ensuite design

Integrated joinery is paramount in luxury hotels and can be used for concealing unattractive items such as televisions. With space constraints comes clever design. Dual purpose joinery, for example a writing desk doubling as a make-up table by adding a beautiful mirror, is also a must. Not only is this functional it also works spatially as mirrors help make any space appear much larger.

joinery detail

Feature lighting throughout your home will truly make your home exude the luxury in the very best of hotels. Concealed strip lighting in joinery and at floor or ceiling junctions serve to highlight special areas while elaborate and large scale pendants add drama and opulence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with many different facets of lighting – from ambient, to mood and accent lighting the combination of several types of lighting within spaces creates a subtle and understated elegance.

contemporary bathroom lighting

beautiful panels and feature lighting

Automation within your home can simplify your life and make it much more user friendly. Ensure your home is smart wired so that gentle music can be pre-programmed for dinner parties and the temperature of your home is always perfect when you arrive home. Automating your blinds is also a must, as there is nothing worse than getting out of bed or the bath tub to manually close your blinds.

silver detailing

Artwork in luxury hotels is always a feature and often quite large in scale. Abstract art is generally best and make sure that you invest in pieces with colours that enhance rather than clash with your interiors.

feature artwork and furnishings