How To Make An Entrance

The entrance space to your home acts as an all-important transition space between the outside world and the rest of your home. It should set the scene for the entire feel of your home.
Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. Designed by Jennifer Post Design

Une maison contemporaine a Johannesbourg

Barrancas House Entrance by EZEQUIELFARCA

An entrance of Modern Grandeur

Modern grandeur is often created in the use of lots of glazing and double height voids. There is often a statement staircase & furnishings are minimalistic, statement pieces such as lighting or artwork

Modern Entrance With Perfect Simple Stairs

entrance hall of a Los Angeles home designed by architect Richard Landry

Modern stairs in Elegant dream home in Sao Paulo

An entrance of Classic Grandeur

Many imposing homes have entrances that are impressive in scale, open, double height and sparse in furniture. Often classic grand entrances have natural stone or highly polished floors, a sweeping impressive staircase and invariably an imposing statement chandelier.

Traditional southern in Mississippi

Grand Staircase

Landing - black and white staircase - dark flooring by Kelly Hoppen Interiors

A warm and welcoming entrance

Many people like the entrance to their home to feel welcoming to their guests. This can be achieved by having a more “cosy” scale entrance, which is perhaps lower in height, and narrower in width. The use of warm materials such as timber help create a sense of comfort and familiarity.

A french door storefront

Beautiful gray and white entryway

Sita Montgomery Interiors

Victorian hallway

Entrance Storage

This is particularly important for families; a great idea is to have specially designed feature joinery where children can place school bags, shoes and jackets. It’s also important to have a place for car keys, mobiles and all of the usual paraphernalia that never seems to have a resting place!
Smooth, Elegant and Highly Contemporary Moscow Apartment

pour briser l'effet trop froid de grands rangements

Entrance Mirrors

Mirrors when placed well, can serve to open up a tight entranceway and also bounce light around a space. If they are decorative, they can also be a real feature and a focal point.
Traditional hallway mirror

The Russell Covent Garden 09

Entrance Light

The use of lights or lighting can create drama and excitement in an entry. The use of a sculptural pendant instantly sets the mood for your home. Architectural lighting is also very dynamic and a playful and interesting way to welcome your guests.

Entrance Ceiling Pendants

Movie style lighting entrance

Entrance and Stairs of West Vancouver Residence by Claudia Leccacorvi

Entrance Furniture

Depending on the size of your entrance, the addition of furniture can create a huge impact. A sideboard is definitely always going to be used, and makes a great place to put a stunning vase filled with flowers on. An elegant chaise looks great and also serves as a good place to take your shoes off.
Japanese rustic and simply elegant interior design

Entry console table

Enrty Foyer

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