When we think of getting light into a house our first thoughts are of windows and skylights. When working with a narrow block that may have numerous constraints, making it more challenging to build than usual, we need to get creative. So we have put together some ideas to help illuminate your narrow homes.  Related: Building on Narrow Sites

Skylights & Roof windows for Narrow Homes

There is so much that can be done with roof windows and they have progressed so far since the humble skylight first appeared on the scene and they provide many innovative ways to draw the light down into the lower levels of our homes. Skylights and roof windows are increasing in popularity due to the decreasing size of dwelling footprints and the demand for natural light in homes.    

Bathrooms and powder rooms are often tucked away when space is tight and even when they have external windows they are either frosted or highlight windows. So being able to open the roof up to the sky creates a lovely expansive feeling and helps to relax while in the shower or bath. Skylights and glazed roofing are particularly beautiful over bathrooms and help to provide a luxurious feeling.


Light wells

Light wells are a great way to draw light down through the building to the lower levels or to internal rooms that have no external windows. They can be used to great effect in transition areas (hallways), and areas that are least used (bathrooms), to create interesting landscapes or features.

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Reflective surfaces

Using reflective materials and surfaces is a subtle way to reflect and disperse light through the home. Water features and pools are perfect for reflecting light. Polished concrete, tiles or natural stone floors are effective at reflecting light. This light well, combined with the bright white painted brick column, is a great way to disperse light through a large living space.


These open tread stairs and glass balustrade allow light to effectively filter through to the ground floor. Even the stair treads and stair supports can be created to allow more light through and create a stunning feature.

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