How much space do I need? When planning your robe it’s important to first look at the spatial parameters you have. If you are building a new home, then this is the ideal situation! Ideally your robe will be in close proximity to your bedroom and your ensuite. Both you and your partner will already know if you have a multitude of clothing or you have a more modest amount. Once this has been ascertained, you can work out the proportion of space you will dedicate to your robe. That being said, the more space you have, the more you somehow find things to put in it! Eaglemont-Custom-Home-8   Once the space for the robe has been located, you will know how many lineal metres you have to play with. As a general rule, the girls always seem to demand more space! It’s then a good idea to use the opportunity to scrutinise your clothing, shoes and accessories and firstly decide if there is any you may cull from your collection. Getting a new robe, is always a fantastic excuse for a spring clean. Black Walk In Closet Dressing Room Sandringham-Custom-Home-2 What you will be left with is everything that will need a new home in your new robe. It’s essential that you work out how much short, medium and long hanging you require. It also pays to measure your clothes to ensure that there is appropriate space for your clothes.  


Lighting in your robe is really important. This is ideally a mix of natural and artificial light. If you can get a window in your robe, it’s lovely to have natural light. A central feature light such as a decorative pendant is a luxurious touch. Having small cabinetry lights that automatically turn on when you open the doors are really helpful. Knightsbridge Penthouse Walk In Robe  

Doors or no doors

This is personal choice, but most people no matter how neat and tidy they are, will have clothing of all different shapes, sizes and colours. To solve an unkempt or untidy look, add cupboard doors. They will also hide a multitude of sins.      


Mirrors in you robe are an absolute essential. Firstly you need a good large mirror to be able to see yourself. Secondly having a mirror in your robe will serve to reflect light around the space and create an optical illusion of more room than you actually have. This will make the robe seem larger and more inviting.   Aberfeldie-Victorian-Home-9


Make sure that there is a place for everything. Ensure that all of your shoes are able to be displayed. Having open pigeon holes for your treasured handbags and hats are really useful. Taking the essence of luxury further, you can also have glass shelves to display your perfume and makeup, while having a place for ties, cufflinks, jewellery etc. will definitely make your life easier. Wardrobe with Divided Drawer  


The colour of your cabinetry is also of importance, darker cabinetry, including chocolate browns and black, will highlight the colours of your clothes and make them pop. However remember dark cabinetry in a small place will make the robe appear much smaller than it actually is. White or a light timber will reward a wardrobe that favours darker colours, and will also make the space appear larger.     Perfect White Minimalist Closet]]>