Indulge yourself with a Spa

Some people enjoy nothing more than relaxing in a long hot bath. If that’s you, then you may prefer something a little more luxurious than a standard tub.
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A Spa Bath can offer the ultimate relaxation therapy at the end of a hard day.

Whether you have chronic aches and pains that need soothing, or just like the idea of indulging yourself, a spa bath is a wonderful retreat.

A Spa is typically installed in place of your standard bath or outside as a portable or inground spa.

The wordSpa’ is an acronym for salus per aqua, which means healing by water.

Available in an endless range of styles, sizes and configurations to suit, they typically have a number of jets located in the optimum positions to target acupressure points and quickly soothe tired muscles and aching joints.

All spas rely on a pump that is responsible for the circulation of the water.


Most are made of acrylic using a vacuum formed mould. They usually come with a base frame to provide support for the bath once installed.

The ideal temperature is a personal preference, but for best effects, studies have established that 28-30C is the optimum. This is a pleasant level of heat, and it’s also the recommended level for water training and therapeutic purposes.


These temperatures are also the usual design standard, so your spa won’t have any trouble maintaining the temperature as you like it.

No matter how you enjoy the water, Spas claim to deliver many positive health benefits.

Modern Outdoor Spa

These include less stress, better sleep, relief from muscle soreness and symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

So whether it is an enjoyable afternoon with family and friends, a party or an intimate retreat, a Spa can be the ultimate escape from the today’s busy lifestyle. ‘