Innovative approach to design – “Form as function”

One innovative way to approach problem solving when designing in any application is to look at the “function of form”. Some used to say, and still do, that “Form follows function”, however, in this day and age, where external materials are being utilised on internal applications, and internal spaces are merging with the great outdoors, It’s become far more prevalent that objects just aren’t what they were originally designed for.

Some innovative designers will use the one material to create a “form”, a centrepiece if you like, amidst the layers of surrounding “skins” that is uniform in fabric, bold in appearance, singular in “object” and more to the point a functional element. Creativity meets practicality, form becomes the function, and the space becomes the backdrop for a highly textured, and decorative “feature” element.

Timber screening and decking

The use of timber as screening on this upper floor decking, allows the privacy of the bathroom to extend beyond the envelope of the dwelling, natural light filters through and provides for an “additional space” that is different and curved against the flat facade, protection from the western sun allows the western facade to open up and engage with external sorrounds.

Plywood Balustrade Staircase

The clever use of ply sheeting as a seemless transitional material makes the balustrade the dominant feature in this organic spiral stair case. Glass and steel is a common material for balustrading in effort to minimise impact on the actual stairs as a feature. However clever and innovative approach reverses the importance of the balustrade, and a beautiful and organic sculpture is formed.

Modern fireplace and entertainment area

Another great example of material as a “Form that functions”.

Contemporary Timber Feature Facade

External Timber Decking and Screening

In summary, new materials are constantly being recycled in application or use, just as recycled materials find a new home and identity.

This concept has been around for a long time, but their never seems to be an end to the possibilities,
It is a “moulding” , or a discipline that you can apply when testing your ideas for your new home, and see what comes to light.