Interior Colour Trends 2013/2014

Do you want to re-fresh your tired looking space?

With so many styles and trends displayed within magazines and homeware stores, it is daunting to understand what information is relevant to you and how to interpret it into your own home. The best advice is to reflect on your lifestyle, look at current trends and choose colours which best create an environment to suit you from a colour psychology perspective.

Colour has been used throughout history in many forms of expression, whether it be to express social status by wearing purple to represent royalty or the free use of vibrant colour in Mexico to reflect their celebration of life culturally. Colour is still used today as a form of expression of who we are and can be easily translated into our homes using the latest colour forecasts as inspiration.

Brights with Whites

There is a resurgence of colour reflective of the arrival of spring seen through the use of cool blue highlights and warm yellow tones which pair well against a white backdrop of walls and furniture. The stark contrast of colour and non-colour makes for a bright and happy interior, sure to provide a calming environment from a stressful day at work.





Blue Haven

Blue has been used throughout interiors historically, as it has been proven to lower blood pressure and create a calming environment. Modern interpretations of floral prints or oriental floral patterns through rugs and prints are making a comeback with homage to 70’s inspiration.






Metallic Glamour

Glamorous interiors created through the use of warm white tones and textures provide visual interest through contrasting surfaces. Highlight metallic accessories either in gold, bronze or silver create a timeless interior for a modern working couple that is sure to impress. Reflective surfaces and warm white tones open a space to create tricky of the eye to make it appear larger than it is.






70’s Graphic

A resurgence of 70’s inspiration is influencing interior design, through the use of bright blocked colour and warm tones of grade green, ochre, pink and peach. Bold prints with graphic inspiration are sure to add life to your interior and fun to your home through brightly coloured printed cushions or wallpapers with a modern twist. Wallpapers are an affordable and great way to inject life into your home and are no longer the tired looking prints you may remember from your grandma’s house.