Interior decoration ideas for balconies big & small

Let’s face it, there is nothing quite as wonderful that the feeling of enjoying the outdoors brings. Utilizing your balcony, whether large or small, creates a wonderful link between your indoor and outdoor space. No matter what size balcony you have, it’s important to remember that this is valuable real estate, and you can really make something of these often under -utilized spaces.

Vertical Herb Garden on a Small Balcony

So think outside the square, and why not consider placing more than just your standard table and chair outside on your balcony.

Small Garden Balcony inspiration

Small balconies

With small balconies, it is absolutely essential that you maximize every single centimeter of usable space. It really is about being clever and using the boundaries that you have to your best advantage. It’s imperative that you play with the space, and create optical illusions by using smaller items to create the illusion that you do indeed have more space than you do!
The use of a built in seating area on either the perimeter or the edge of your small balcony will allow you to create a visual extension of your indoor space. It’s really important to alter the dimensions used, so consider less deep seats for example, again to create that illusion. Why not add under seat storage as well to really maximize the most of your space!

Attic Decking Overlooking A Rear Garden

Decorating a Small Balcony

Decoration of a small space

Clever little geniuses everywhere are creating products specifically for small balconies. This directly relates to the consumer market and the ever growing population and the ever shrinking supply of housing. This often sees people have smaller spaces and hence the supply and demand.

Vertical gardens

Items such as vertical gardens and hanging plants see not just horizontal space being able to be used, but also making the most of the vertical planes on your small balcony. It’s really important to introduce as much greenery as possible into these spaces to really bring them to life and create that lovely connection with your home and nature.

Vertical Plant Garden

Furnishing your space

Movable pieces are also a great way to ensure you utilize your size challenged outdoor space. Its really easy and a bit of fun, to use large generously stuffed cushions on the floor to sit on, or even beanbags! What a great way to entertain your friends when they drop around for a glass of wine. I like to have small stools such as Phillipe Starks gorgeous Prince Aha stools, that can double as a stool or a small side table. Little versatile items like this are great investment pieces if you have a small balcony.

Small Balcony Garden

Modern Balcony with Small Feature Garden

Timber Decked Apartment Balcony

To create an illusion of space, a technique I often employ is the use of mirrors. Depending on your style, you could do a large ornate hanging mirror to one side, or if contemporary styling suits you better, then a large full size simple elegant mirror will work wonders!
And do not think for a second that you have to miss out on the simple things in life such as a patch of grass or BBQ! Just check out these great ideas below-

Modern Planters for Narrow Balconies

Planter Box for Balconies or Small Terraces

Table Planter for Small Balconies

Small balcony Grill Barbecue For Everyday Use

Large spaces

If you are fortunate enough to have a large balcony, then you can play with the allocated space to a greater degree.

Similarly to a small balcony, built in seating is always lovely and with a large balcony, you can afford to be much more generous with deep seats perfect for relaxing on long lazy afternoons with friends and family. Or if formal entertaining is more your thing, you will more than likely have ample space for a large dining table and chairs. Seat cushions that are weather proof are a must. This is an opportunity to use a splash of colour to brighten up your outdoor space.

Outdoor Thai Themed Balcony with Garden

Small Outdoor Terrace

Outdoor fireplace

As you will be partially exposed to the elements, it’s an idea to consider a fireplace outside. This can be a more traditional one, or one of my favourites- a more compact and environmentally bio ethanol fireplace.

Modern Outdoor Seating Area with Fireplace and Potted Plants.

Landscaping large spaces

With your planting you can of course incorporate a great deal more on your large balcony. Large potted plants will not only look beautiful but also serve to screen off any unsightly buildings (or neighbours!) nearby and create more privacy for your oasis. Match the colour of the pots with the rest of your external décor.

Atelier Vierkant Modern Planters

Bamboo and the Grey themed Deck

Water features on a large balcony are also a lovely luxury However its really important that you check the weight of what you are wishing to use, as this could have structural impliactions with how your balcony has been constructed.

Rooftop Deck with Small Fountain In Plant Selection and Mini Waterfalls

Balcony with small lap pool

Outdoor lighting

Another simple yet effective way to enhance your balcony, small or large, is the clever use of outdoor lighting. Again, it’s really important that your lighting be weather proof depending on the type of balcony you have. Your designer, lighting or electrical consultant will assist you with this. Your theme or decoration style will also dictate the direction you will take with your lighting! A fool proof way to create instant no fuss ambience outside is using fairy lights!

Modern outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting - dollar store vases, tea lights, wire hung and strung with clear Christmas tree beaded garland

modern design of outdoor table and benches

So go and have creating your own little sanctuary on your balcony and enjoy using the extra space.

raised contemporary planter with fabulous garden & patio lighting

Terrace in the Hamptons

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