Interior Design For Teenage Spaces

Teenagers can seem like very complex creatures at times. They are going through a period of change and personal, mental and physical development. It is when they are taking steps toward independence and becoming mature beings. During this time it is ideal to start building mutual respect and allowing your teenager to start making adult decisions for themselves. Teenagers will also feel a strong pull toward wanting to have personal space. They will therefore want to start spending time with their friends in private surroundings. As such, it’s a really nice idea to create a space within your home for your teenager to retreat to. This will help your teenager to feel valued and empowered.

Funky and Stylish Teenager Bedroom Design with Chic Striped Shelves

Great storage idea for a teenage bedroom

Depending on your home, the spaces you may wish to create a haven for your teenager will either be their bedroom or a separate retreat. These spaces should reflect not only your teenagers growing demands, tastes and needs, but also the aesthetic should ideally work in harmony with the rest of your home.

Modern Grey and White Contemporary Teen Room

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It’s a recommendation to give your teenager a feeling of responsibility and inclusion, by working together on exactly how they want their space to look and function. Working together will help you bond, help build trust and achieve a visual outcome that is pleasing to both of you. If your teen is creative, encourage them to inject their creative flair into their personal space.

Big Boys Room

Stylish and Classic Black and White Bedroom Design

Reflecting your teenager’s interests is key and a good basis from which to create a “theme” or overall aesthetic for the space. However to avoid creating an overly busy or tacky outcome, it is best advised to take a few elements only from which to work with. Use a background palette that works in alignment with the rest of your home, and then add in a layer of personalization specific to your teenager.

Teenage room interior design idea

Your teenage boy for example may have a keen interest in sport. Use this as a starting point. Perhaps his favourite football team has team colours that you can use as accents throughout the space. You may wish to frame his favourite player’s jersey with a tasteful frame. Using impermanent decorative items will ensure that their transient phase doesn’t have a huge financial impact to your family’s budget. Incorporate their favourite colour with accessories as a way to splash their personality on the space.

Sports themed teen boys room

However, clever design in your teenager’s space will be necessary. Items such as built-in desks, seating and wardrobes will ensure clever use of space and increase the resale value of your home. Storage must always be high on the list of priorities when you have the opportunity to design your teenager’s space. Consider including storage under seating benches for example. Shelving will also ensure that there is plenty of space for books and also to display significant or special items that your teenager will by now have collected.

Shelves and window seat

A designated space for study and homework will be very high on the priority list when creating your teenagers space. This will be a time in their lives when they will need to be disciplined and focused on their studies. Creating an inspiring space will help maintain a high level of focus and enthusiasm. A desk of ample size is a must, as is an ergonomic comfortable chair. Allowing your teenager to select the colour of their desk chair will be a wonderful way to help your teenager feel a sense of pride in their surrounds. A pinboard above their desk is a good way to allow your teenager to stick up images of the latest rock star they are obsessed with, without resorting to sticking up large unsightly posters all over their room!

Simple bookshelf and magnet board

Desk layout for teenagers

It is paramount however that they have a healthy balance in their lives, and that it’s not all about study! Rest and relaxation is hugely important. Give your teenager license to start socializing with their friends in their own private space. They are at an age when they will want seclusion from you and the rest of your home. Don’t take this personally, it’s completely normal! Creating and area that is conducive to interaction with their friends will facilitate this.

Black and White Contemporary Teenagers Room

A seating area is ideal and must be away from their study area. In built seating or even colourful beanbags and over-sized cushions are suggestions I can offer you to create a fun environment. Psychologically, it is best to keep these spaces apart as one should not be linked with the other. It’s entirely personal as to whether you will allow your teenager to have a television or gaming console or both in their rooms. This is when a separate area for watching movies and gaming is ideal, and also means that the rest of the family can enjoy these activities.

Bench, blanket and mirror

These ideas will all ensure creating an environment of warmth, comfort and personalization for your teenager is created. If design is done cleverly and with thought, it will safeguard that the space uplifts, liberates and excites your wonderful young adult through their teenage years.