Interior Design: Hamptons style!

Are you curious where does the expression “Hamptons style” come from? The stunning Hamptons, in the United States, is located only a couple of hours from New York City at the eastern end of Long Island. It is the summer playground of the rich and famous. Wearing Calvin Klein or Polo by Ralph Lauren is de rigueur in this coastal enclave that exudes laid-back style and glamour.

Hamptons Style Interior Design Trend

From the gorgeous homewares and jewellery stores such as Tiffany’s, to the best in world class dining, there is the very best of everything here to attract the elite A-listers from not just the United States, but all over the world. Don’t be surprised if you see a top model or a movie star at one of the many salubrious vineyards, or walking to the front of the line at one of the Hamptons latest hot spot nightclubs. In fact, anyone who’s anyone regularly frequents this coastline each summer.

Hamptons style pool

People tend to have a summer home in the Hamptons or else they pay exorbitant rental prices on one of many impressive mansions dotted along the coastline. Typically these grand mansions are large in stature, have shingled roofs, large verandahs and are often painted in white or shades of blues. Nestled amongst highly manicured gardens, these stately homes are also impressive inside. Typically a Hamptons luxury home will have polished timber floorboards and be open plan with many French doors opening up onto their wide verandahs to create a bright and breezy ambience. These homes ooze upmarket beach inspired glamour and sophistication.

Hamptons style- boards

Creating the Hamptons style

Creating the Hamptons style in your very own home is achievable with a few simple interior modifications. Firstly, keeping the walls white, Dulux “Natural White” or “Chalk USA” are great whites to use, or as neutral as possible with a matte finish will help create that soft Hamptons look. You may wish to install some ready-made wall panelling adding some subtle visual interest to walls in your more formal areas such as the dining room. In areas such as studies, you can be at liberty to bring the beautiful blues of the ocean onto your walls. Recommended colours here may be DuluxSlate Blue’ or explore Porters Paints gorgeous range of Milk Paints, “Georgian Blue” in this range is simply divine.

Hamptons style ocean view


Flooring should also be light in colour and very natural looking. A sun-bleached appearance creates a more relaxed feel while mid-tone floor boards will help create a slightly more formal feel in your home. Wide format Oak floorboards are readily available in Australia and are easy to install. Utilising rugs in blue and white stripes will help create a sense of warmth and Hamptons flavour while defining sitting areas within your home. Natural fibre rugs in Jute or sisal are also highly suitable to emulate this decorative style.

Hamptons style grand parlour

Hamptons style chandelier

Creating that light and breezy feel

Creating a light and breezy feel within your home is essential to capturing the quintessential essence of a Hampton’s interior. Depending on budget, you can choose to open up your living spaces to the outdoors with the installation of French doors and the largest windows possible. Doors and windows should have light window treatments like billowy sheer curtains dressing your doors and windows beautifully. You may also wish to install skylights where possible for more natural light exposure in the depths of your home.

Hamptons style bespoke

Hamptons style light living

The use of artificial lighting is also highly important. Floor or table lamps are best covered in a linen material, while pendant lights that incorporate wrought iron tend to work beautifully.

Hamptons style entrance

Hamptons style furnishings

Furniture needs to have a neutral palette. Wicker and timber furniture often painted white, are very popular in the Hamptons for a relaxed and understated elegance, particularly in less formal areas, though pieces must still be high-end in appearance. Avoid the dreaded “shabby-chic” look if you are trying to create a Hamptons feel. Linen upholstery has long been the favourite choice for many celebrity derrieres to sit on whilst visiting the Hamptons. A few carefully selected scatter cushions and the finest of Mohair throws, perfectly complete this look.

Hamptons style flower vase

Hamptons style indoor outdoor living

The icing on the cake is always the decoration that is used to tie any interior style together. When re-creating a Hamptons style in your home, there are essentially two approaches you can take. The first is a relatively relaxed beach feel while the second is more polished and sophisticated.

Hamptons style lovely pillows

Creating a relaxed Hampton style

To create the relaxed style of home you can use fresh and interesting decorative items, mixing old and new. Framed nautical prints are a gentle nod to the history of Long Island with the strategic placement of driftwood and shells adding a little bit of beach whimsy. Ralph Lauren homewares are available in Australia and have a large selection of items that are highly suitable to use when trying to achieve this look.

Hamptons style pot plant again

Hamptons style fluffy bed

Creating a sophisticated mood

For a more sophisticated style of Hampton’s decoration, then it’s best to purchase specific pieces that exude charm & glamour and introduce some silver accessories such as large bowls and vases. Always buy the very best scented candles that money can buy. Diptyque has the incredible “Foin Coupe” (new-mown hay) candle and Voluspa have the gorgeousElysian Garden”. Both candles have the soft smell of sunshine and exude a warmth that is second to none. Kelly Hoppen home wares have luxe items that will perfectly compliment your interior.

Hamptons style matisse print

At this time of year, with a long balmy summer on its way, why not consider updating your home with this beautiful interiors style that oozes understated style and a restrained display of affluence. This is truly a classic style that will never ever date and is a perennial favourite for those with impeccable taste who desire a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance to their home. ‘