Interior design ideas for kids

One of the major reasons people decide to build or renovate a home is due to a growing family, yet the little people in the house usually don’t have a voice when it comes to the design. Parents will often be struggling to contain themselves when it comes to designing their man cave, home theatre room, walk in temperature controlled wine cellar (imagine adult sized children, wide eyes and jittery with excitement).
Children are shaped by their environments, and by pushing the creativity in design now you’re going to have a positive impact on their growing minds. Fun wallpaper on bedroom walls is great, but we can do better…

Blackboards are Back and Bigger Than Ever!

A blackboard is a simple and inexpensive way for your children to express themselves…and draw on the walls without getting told off! You could paint a piece of furniture in the blackboard paint or dedicate a wall in the kitchen so you can also use it as a shopping list, weekly menu board or for reminders.

traditional-kids blackboard
blackboard furniture
kid on stool at blackboard wall



A common theme is the struggle keeping kids in bed at bedtime.
Solution: Make their bed so amazing they won’t want to get out! Building in beds as part of joinery design (and, why not build two as you know there will be sleepovers) is a great way to go beyond the ordinary, making bedtime an adventure.

built in kids bed with doors
mezz bed

built in bunks

built in fort

fort bed

Escaping the Pressures of Growing Up

Kids are always finding places to hide, whether they’re playing hide and seek or just want somewhere quiet to play alone. And if you don’t want them hiding in the bottom of your wardrobe amongst your expensive heels, then create some exciting spaces they can call their own.

cubby hole with door

inside cubby house

Sensible Storage

Storage is so important with kids. Toy explosions can drive you crazy, make a home look very cluttered, not to mention create a minefield of pain for bare feet. So make sure you build in some good storage areas. If located in a dedicated “kid zone” be colourful and fun, this will make tidying up feel less of a chore.

basket storagebuilt in storage boxes

rumpus storagemud room lockers


There is a misconception that white bathrooms are best for kids. If you want to see every fleck of dirt while developing OCD then go right ahead. But a kid’s bathroom should be playful with colour and tiling, not remind them of a trip to the dentist. If you have young children or are only getting started, don’t worry about the room dating as you can re-tile the bathroom in about 15 years (or earlier if you really want).

colourful tiles in bathroom
shrek bathroom

bright kids bathroom

blue lego bathroom

I’m Not Afraid of the Dark

How about building a night light into the skirting board of their bedroom? You can always cover it later. This one is a cute mouse house.


Some Other Ridiculously Good Ideas…..

They’ll no longer need to run away to the circus if you bring it to them!

indoor circus room
ferris wheel

Why not build a hammock into a void or above the stairs? You’ll still get the light and everyone can enjoy a different view of the world. Just don’t get caught wearing your Spiderman costume…..

hammock over stairs

kid on inside hammock

Hands up those of you who used to lay mattresses on the stairs and slide down…ahh the memories (and ruined mattresses, sorry Mum)! Why not build in a slide for the kids… and you when nobody’s looking.

inside slide

Kids stair slide
Don’t tell me you wouldn’t use this!?

Now that the child in you has been reawakened, don’t home theatres and man caves seem so boring??

When designing a house we get so focused on what we want, our wish list, and words like “resale”. It’s easy to forget the little people (present and future). When it comes to children we want to provide a home that is safe, warm and happy, but why not also include creative, challenging and even a little crazy. When word gets out you’ve got a slide in your living room and giant hammock two floors up you’ll be the coolest parents around…or at least until they hit 13. ‘