Interior Design Tile Trends 2017

Moroccan Arabesque inspired patterned tiles

There is a continuation of this tile trend with more of a Moroccan bent as well as the introduction of colour- look out for botanic greens & blues

This trend is likely to step outside of the bathroom into the landscape, entrances & staircases and is especially suited to Victorian heritage style homes & renovations

 Big is beautiful

Large format tiles continue to be a consistent choice for luxury homes when renovating or building a new home. Large format tiles create the optical illusion of a larger surface area. They tend to open up a space and lengthen a room and widen a wall space. They are best used in larger area, and not a very small space such as a powder room, where tile cuts will be very obvious. Large format tiling like Dekton from Cosentino, create a wonderfully luxurious appearance with their sheer impressive size. They also look fantastic due to the reduction of grout lines. This also is advantageous as there is less cleaning of the grout, and who doesn’t hate cleaning grout !

Slim large format tiles

With the development of slim profile large format tiles at only 12mm thick, they can now be used in areas where their use was previously cumbersome both internally & externally. They look great on kitchen benchtops, fireplace surrounds, on walls, doors, shower splashbacks, really you are limited only by your imagination & budget. Check out CDK ‘s neolith & gallery for inspiration.


Mix & don’t match

An increasing trend in home design has been the mix of larger tiles on the floor, mixed with timber. This look is quite quirky, but really interesting visually and looks great for the right space.

It can also delineate & create a separate space within a room, this is especially effective if you have an oversized space.

It also works really well in staircases, adding a point of interest to the landing or a design highlight to the riser.

New colour trend- botanic greens & blues

We are seeing the emergence of shades of green & blue in tiling & bathroom colour. It is the more muted shades that work in well with greys & black, brass & copper accents. If you feel brave you can be bold with colour however you can easily play it safe. Get inspired with  some images below