Kitchen Appliances

Increasingly we are finding ourselves time-poor…Holding down a job, having a family and socializing, leave most of us with very little time to do the one thing we should be doing more of, and that’s creating delicious homemade meals.
Well, technology has caught up with the way we live today, which is allowing us to do just this ! We are seeing appliances with increased usability and intelligence.
Not only can we now use our smart-phone to control our appliances but we seeing appliances that can virtually think for themselves, thus allowing the daunting task of tackling the antiquated and often intimidating household appliance, a thing of the past! Not only this, but most appliances now must be energy saving, leading to lower energy costs and lower carbon emissions…now that’s smart !
Consider transforming your kitchen with steam assist ovens, for faster cooking times, and healthier dinner options! Most of these little beauties are fully computerized and monitor the amount of steam needed to cook practically anything! Time saving AND healthy? I’m sold !
Blanco Oven
What about induction cooktops? Who would have thought 10 years ago,that we would be using electromagnetic fields to heat up our pots and pans ?
Thermador Induction Cooktop
We are now seeing both dishwashers and microwave drawers….who really needs the bother of doors any more?
Dishdrawer Dishwasher
We will increasingly see appliances that are almost “out of this world”. Take the Whirlpool fireplace grill for instance, where you can not only adjust the height and colours of the hood ,but the table surface is interactive ! Wow !
Whirlpool Fireplace table grill
Whirlpool Table Grill
So go on, make your life easier, and talk to your friendly designer or appliance supplier !
Your Friend in the Kitchen,Emily