So you have probably been smelling sweet wafts of Jasmine in the have probably seen hemlines getting shorter and the days getting longer? You guessed it, its Spring !

Spring is traditionally the time of year when we throw off our overcoats, and get stuck in to sprucing up our homes, in anticipation for festivities over summer, and the return of visitors to our homes, now that people are finally out of hibernation!

Metallic Walls

What better way to make a quick and easy statement to your home, then to add a splash of metallic paint? Metallic paint, when used correctly, can add a sublte shimmer and visual interest to any wall or surface.

Modern living room with metallic walls

Better still, many of these incredible paints can be used both internally and externally, hence providing an easy method of tying the outside to the inside.

Is your front door looking tired and in need of a make-over? Why not paint it with a metallic paint that will age beautifully and take on a gorgeous patina over time. Your new statement door will be the envy of neighbours and visitors a-like !

Dulux Pattern Painted Metallic Wall

Are you sick of staring at that boring old white wall or fireplace surround ? Why not liven it up with some metallic paint? What about applying it to your dining room ceiling to create warmth and ambience.

Ultra Modern Wall

So go on ! Get creative, and see why this trend is sweeping the design world !

Your Metal Maverick,Emily