Modern Classic Interiors

It is entirely possible to achieve a refined modern look, but with a luxurious classic twist. This will inevitably see you shy away from fads or currents trends, and instead harness the use of a sleek, sophisticated and understated aesthetic.


A neutral palette of whites, creams and beiges, works well as a backdrop in which to showcase your well designed furniture and accessories. Keep your rooms uncluttered and open, so that each tastefully selected piece can be viewed and admired.


To complement your neutral palette, other materials that can be used are timber, glass, and natural stone rich in actual or implied texture.

The use of symmetry will create visual balance and harmony. This can be achieved with a central focal point such as a fireplace, and a well planned furniture layout. The use of carefully placed feature lights,rugs and artwork can further create symmetry. Items such as accessories that are rich in refined detail, will further add an element of luxe elegance to your modern classic interior.


The beauty of a neutral palette and clever classic design, is that this aesthetic will never date. Your interior will serve as a stunning canvas on which you may paint your own individual style. If you do want to introduce colour, as trends are continually evolving and changing, it is best to introduce colour by way of accessories such as scatter cushions , or even an accent chair. Also never under-estimate the subtle power that black, or gold’s and silvers can introduce into your interior. You may wish to introduce black, silver and gold, in a painted feature wall, mirror frames, a statement rug , or triptychs of vases or pendant lights.