Modern Staircase Design Trends

Detail, detail, detail. It is all in the detail. Every staircase in a home naturally becomes a statement feature because of its shear scale, so why not make it a reflection of you. Make your staircase a design piece that celebrates the architectural elements and flows into the interior design of the home as one. Forward thinking ideas call for experts to help to pull it all together to make for a wonderful statement piece in your home. Whilst getting wrapped up in the design, there are also certain compliances to adhere to, ensuring that your staircase is safe for all to use, both adults and children.

By employing an architect or interior designer you can have a staircase designed that is functional and aesthetically interesting. If your staircase is situated within your entry then careful consideration should be given to its aesthetic. Like this circular encased stair that takes pride of place with minimal elements to its design, except the bare bones of its structure with a central spine and circular glass encasing. Its shaft from floor to floor is minimal in its insertion to each floor structure making it a key focal feature easy on the eye.

Modern Staircase

Materiality is an important consideration for your staircase and what types of finishes to choose and to apply where. When considering your staircase tread finish think about the floor finishes that it meets on differing levels of the home and ensure that the contrast of materials is complimentary and works as a whole. In this scenario they have well balanced the mix of materiality through a white painted plasterboard finish to the side wall of the staircase and detailed the junction seamlessly with a shadow line to further emphases the staircase look.

Creating movement as your eye follows the repetitious line of the stair shadow line creating a simple feature and neatly dividing the join line between the two materials. The contrast of light and dark materials is effective, the black handrail and balustrade are thin in application mimicking the shadow lines simplicity and creating interest through a third dimension. This stair case is simply designed and timeless and able to be enjoyed for many years without looking tired and old through clever articulation.


For more of an industrial look for an apartment, running the entry feature wall material, in this case brick up the inside wall of the staircase links the two levels. Creating a visually interesting feature and a structural base for the stair treads to be canter levered from. Allowing the staircase to be light and open with the same floor finish wrapping up the stairs, linking the levels through materiality to create consistency throughout the home. The glass balustrade further opens the staircase void to ensure an open light design that seamlessly integrates into the space. Allowing light to penetrate from one level to another. You really wouldnt mind hanging out on the stair and reading a book.

Modern Timber and Glass Staircase

A similar concept has been adapted below to create an interesting modern take on the industrial stair case design. Through the simple change in materiality, to dark timber treads with a concrete floor throughout and white walls surrounding the staircase design. The complexity structurally yet the simplicity of the execution make for a harmonious design feature from level to level. With a clever change in materials any design can be transformed to suit you.

Ultra Modern Staircase

This playful design flows harmoniously within the space, following the contours of the building. Playing on a childlike experience, paying homage to a children’s tree house. The staircase hangs in mid-air with a rope balustrade drawing your eye up to the top flight of stairs to create an interesting spectacle for visitors to engage with.

Round Timber Modern Staircase

The staircase in the background of this image is easily missed with this fun and exciting slide as an alternate route for manoeuvring from one level to another. It’s not just for the kids, really ! The staircase in the background is light and white similar to the walls blending in with the interior in order for the slide to be the real hero of this interior. Notice the balustrade design though, from one stair to another its linear bars are still fun in its application almost like grasshoppers legs with a life of its own climbing down the stairs to the ground floor. Your eye is drawn down and up the stair with this fun simple design.

Ultra Modern Staircase and metal slide

In all seriousness though a staircase can be anything you want it to be and is a further expression of the family that lives in the home. This beautifully crafted staircase is light and minimal with crafted timber treads and pencil round edges and complimentary thin black balustrading linking into the structure of the main stair support to enhance the overall look. It really does come down to the detail of your stair design and consideration of the architecture and interior design as one to make your stair case a little bit of you.

Modern Timber Tread Staircase

Or in this scenario the staircase tries to disappear altogether to make the interior design of the home the real feature.

Ultra Modern Glass Tread Staircase

The possibilities are endless and the design ideas are abundant and sometimes playful, but it always come down to the detail of how it all fits together and this glass staircase has been meticulously thought out in its practicality and simplicity with little to no fixings used to put it all together. What will your staircase design be ?