Multi-Residential Developments – An Interior Design Guide

Over the next few weeks, I will be carefully guiding you through fool proof hints and tricks to make the most of your new home. More than likely, if you are moving into a new townhouse, dual occupancy, unit or development, then you may be relocating to a smaller home. This in no way means that you need to compromise on style or luxury, or indeed making the most of each and every space within your new dwelling. In fact, it should be seen as an exciting new beginning, a time to discard bulky items of furniture that may have been weighing you down in the past. See it as an opportunity for a spring clean of existing items, and a fresh start.

richmond dual occ

Beaumaris Townhouses

With townhouses and developments style of dwelling, you will be living in close proximity to your adjoining neighbour. Set yourself apart, and create a point of difference. This could start with a stunning feature front door and designer door handle. This needn’t be expensive or laborious. Consider a coat of metallic paint from Axolotl or Porters Paints. These are weather proof and will instantly create a visual separation from the adjoining property. Feature door handles can be really expressive and an opportunity to showcase your style. A large or oversized handle will create a real wow factor.


Once inside, your interiors will start to unfold. Perhaps you are faced with smaller rooms, perhaps less rooms, lower ceilings and possibly even less natural light from fewer windows. But don’t worry; there are so many ways to disguise these things, in any number of ways! Again, just because you no longer live in a large freestanding family home, in no way does your lifestyle need to be adjusted. In fact, many developments are fitted out with the latest finishes, state of the art appliances, and contemporary fittings. Take advantage of these, and use the new palette as a solid base to add your own touches.

White Modern Kitchen With Stone Splashback

Interesting and Modern Compact Kitchen Design

Kitchen To Suit Dual Occupancy

A crucial point that must be raised is the need to eliminate clutter. Smaller spaces require fewer items. Keep at the forefront of your mind, the words of the great Mies Van der Rohe “ less is more”. If you are buying new furniture, make each piece work hard for you. Buy multi-purpose pieces such as ottomans with storage inside. More streamlined items will appear to make a space larger. The bigger the piece of furniture, you guessed it…the smaller the room appears. Play with scale and proportion. Large mirrors, will also serve to open up a space by playing with reflection in a room. Don’t be afraid to inject some personality into a room with bold frames around the mirrors that you select.


antique floor mirror

murky greige interior (grey+beige)

Another way to open up a space is to ensure that your wall colours are light. We all know that dark paints are trending at the moment, but don’t be tempted to follow the fashion, as dark walls will make your room appear much smaller than it really is. The other plus with pale hues on your walls, it that light will be bounced around the space, creating a lighter brighter room.

white livingroom with pastel colours

floating stairs with open living look

Lighting will also need to be carefully addressed in your new townhouse, apartment or development. Maximise the natural light from any windows that you do have, by using sheer curtains instead of dark and dreary ones, and keep and curtains or blinds open when you can, to create a more open feel. And for rooms that don’t have a lot of natural light, then go ahead and experiment with other light sources such as floor and table lamps. Feature pendant lights will always add interest to a space.

Floor to Ceiling Sheer Summer Curtains

wood flooring (floating floor)

Living Room Inspiration

So there you have it, a quick guide to get you started in you new space. Don’t feel at all restricted in your new home, feel liberated and excited.
In my next instalment, I will go into more detail on clever storage solutions for your new space , and whole lot more ! Stay posted, as you don’t want to miss my handy hints. Until next time!