New Bathroom Trends & Ideas

Lots of new & ever fabulous bathroom trends & ideas are emerging. In this blog we will be exploring the come back of feature tiles, the use of concrete as a material & look, timber & greening your bathroom with plants

Fabulous Feature Tiles

Feature tiles are big news in bathrooms right now. Feature tiled create visual excitement and an unexpected luxury when used well. The sterile minimalist bathroom seems like a distant memory, instead replaced with stunning tiles that really create a gorgeous warm and welcoming bathroom.
Hexagonal tiles in all sorts of sizes are bang on trend in bathrooms. These look stunning as splash backs in a smaller format tile, or fantastic on floors and walls in a larger format.
Colour is important when selecting hexagonal tiles. Selecting neutrals and shades of grey, white or blacks, will ensure that this look stays on trend.




Chevron Tiles

Chevron pattern tiles are also very popular in bathroom design this year. The design has all the hallmarks of the luxury of times past. However we are seeing a more contemporary take on chevron, and combined with contemporary materials and sleek design, these beautiful V-shaped tiles really do look absolutely stunning in bathrooms.
Consider to combine this look with black, copper or gold fittings to really give your bathroom a fashionable look.

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Cool Concrete

The concrete trends just keeps pushing through and staying strong as a trend in interiors design in general and bathrooms are no exception!
Making applying this trend easier than using actual concrete slabs, supplier are now manufacturing products that look like concrete, making it lighter , more versatile and user friendly. For example Caesarstone now do three different colour ways of “concrete”. This product also has the bonus of the added benefits of quartz, making it the perfect hard wearing solution for vanity tops or feature panels.
Most tile suppliers are now manufacturing porcelain or ceramic tiles that beautifully replicate the integrity of concrete. These tiles serve to again, be more versatile and user friendly- as well as right on trend!




Transform with trending timber

The gorgeous warmth of timber is another trend that works beautifully to ensure your bathroom feels welcoming and more like a retreat or day spa. Natural timber is still popular in bathrooms, however we are really seeing the trend of using grey based man-made timber products such as the timber look-alikes available from Polytec. The range of Ravine from Polytec is available in a great range of timber colours, with actual grain embossed into the surface. Unlike natural timbers, there is no concern with using in wet-areas.
Using timber on fronts of vanities, floating shelves and storage items, will give your bathroom a lift and a real sense of warmth.

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Gorgeous Greenery

In addition to creating warmth and interest with feature pattern tiles, concrete and timber, emerges the trend of greenery in your bathroom. This really can enhance your space, making it appear welcoming, as well as on trend. Most commonly we are seeing greenery in bathrooms in the form of potted plants, rather than the traditional vase of flowers. Whether placed on your vanity top, hanging off a wall or from the ceiling, or placed on a floating shelf, this is a gorgeous look that creates a sense of earthiness and again enhance that day-spa feeling.

Placing plants in on trend pots will further enhance your bathroom space. Think of silver, black, gold or copper pots. Also consider the fashionable geometric shapes that are very popular.