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Access our wide range of specialists to build your dream home.

A truly full-service experience

We have an extended family of specialists to help you realise your vision for your new home. With a wide range of skills inhouse, from architectural design to interiors and construction, we also offer a wide scope of specialist skills from businesses we collaborate with. We work together to a unified vision to meet your brief and personality.

A wooden sliding door is ajar revealing a white bath tub in a bathroom in a custom home built by Destination Living

Specialist lighting design can really enhance a room, creating a mood and emotions. Creatively designed lighting gives any room a unique experience matched to how you would like to feel.

Our specialist services


Our collaborative approach means that we engage our landscape designers and architects early in the process so they can advise and work with our clients and architects to find out what will best suit the house and the lifestyles of the residences.

Our landscape architects are highly expereienced and trained horticulturalists so not only can they choose the right plants that works with the design of your home, but they can work with you to design an outdoor living area that suits your needs and the amount of maintenance you want in your garden.

Swimming pools

We design swimming pools that are tailo- made to your use and how you want to live outdoors. Our architects take your requirements into the design process as well as the site’s environment to design a pool that is the right size, the right shape and placed at the right part of your site. We consult experts and suppliers on your behalf for all the technical requirements such as heating and flitration, or accessories like spa jets so you don’t need to worry about liasing with different companies.

Eco design and smart energy

Good passive design principles and smart energy design not only naturally keeps your house at the right temperature all year round and is better for the environment, but it also keeps your energy costs down.

The fundamentals of all our designs include:

  • the positioning of your home to capture the northern light
  • sun studies to determine the sun’s exact locations on your site all year
  • where to position the doors and windows for crossflow ventilation
  • heat syncing through the use of the right materials
  • solar panel positioning
  • future planning and provisions for future battery recharging stations

Connected technology and automation

Previously, the only way to connect your home was via a cumbersome Cbus system but as the area of smart devices and smart homes rapidly evolves, new technologies like Nero now make home automation affordable and flexible.

We can now connect and create your home with your specific needs in mind and tailored to your level of interests and ability. We facilitate all the technical aspects and make the process as easy and as simple for you as possible designing a home that accomodates the cutting edge of technology but is adaptable for future technology.

Town planning

We know how frustrating it can be to finalise a design with your architect, hired a contractor and suddenly get knocked back by the council and other authorities. This is why we engage experienced town planners in the early stages of the process, they give us the perspective of councils to figure out where the design might be a problem for local governments, and how to navigate and solve issues before the problem arises.

Our town planning partners have worked on multiple projects across a vast array of jurisdictions, they know how we work and advise us on the best way to ensure your home will successfully pass the planning process. To date, through our work with our planning parteners, we have a 100% success rate in getting planning approvals and we know we can work with all the stakeholders to get yours ready for the build.


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