Doncaster Dual Occupancy Design

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  • Dual Occupancy
  • Knock down rebuild

The Brief

This dual occupancy development is currently in construction. Our clients are empty nesters who have lived in this prime location for many years. They looked for another home to buy but couldn’t find anything suitable when they came to us. We determined that a dual occupancy could be designed and built for their budget, they could sell one residence to fund their home and get a brand new house designed exactly as they wanted.

Our brief was to knock down and rebuild 2 luxury modern dual occupancy homes that both capitalize and maximize the existing block and what it offers. Our clients are selling residence 1 upon completion and keeping residence 2 which has been designed and tailored for them. Although they have downsized, they are busy professionals who both primarily work from home & will live between 2 residences, this one in Doncaster and their coastal home which they love. They wanted to bring a little of that feel to this home. The design brief was also to factor how they live today and 2 future possible scenarios should they decide to stay or resell in the future.

Our Approach

As a corner block, we have been able to design a dual occupancy development with 2 with street frontages on different streets. Both homes have city views and this was primary design motivator for residence 2 particular with all living on level 1 and city views visible from the kitchen, living, balcony & master bed. The aesthetics are modern, architectural & give a nod the 60 's style modernist beach houses which resonates creating an urban beach house feel.

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Our Architectural & interior design team worked together in 4 key areas as part of the design which were age in place provisions for the future, how to effectively live between 2 residences, the creation of spaces to work form home and the incorporation of sustainable design principles

Below details how we approached each area

Age in place
As downsizers and a viewing this residence in a longer term capacity we factored age in place provisions that may not be necessary now but have been considered for the future. Amongst these were
• Future provisioning a space for a lift, factoring its location and size on both levels and designing in the future entry and exit points
• Hand & grab rails locations which have been detailed for future installation should they be required
• No steps between spaces like balcony & living & showers
• Home automation- the ability have a functioning home, music & lighting, heating through voice activation

Working from Home and Multi use spaces
A large library with external access to the front has been designed in for our client who is a professional writer. This is a huge space, booklined to one side with French doors opening out to the garden the other side, it will allow him to work, conduct writing groups whilst still maintaining some separation from the rest of the home.

Our other client has flexibility with her working environment with the ability to be able to work remotely from multiple locations. She wanted a designated space for this, her space is also downstairs but in a separate zone. We factored the desk placement as well as views & external access to the garden. These specific spaces are also flexible & can act as multipurpose rooms that can easily be converted, the library can be used an alternate living space & is the designated sport watching room. The other study coverts to a bedroom.

Effectively residing between 2 homes
We looked & addressed the practical considerations around maintenance, services and security. Automation was critical in having this work. New automation systems have meant that this is now quite affordable and easy to use.
• Instantaneous heating unit with gas boosted solar as they are not there all the time.
• Low maintenance self-watering garden
• Heating & cooling- the ability to turn it on or off remotely
• Water- the ability to turn it on or off remotely
• Hot water service- the ability to turn it on or off remotely
• Automated cameras & security- the ability to turn it on or off remotely
• Lighting- the ability to set at home scenes & work lighting remotely
• The ability to work the external blinds either remotely to keep the house temperate or via set temperatures so the house does this automatically.

Our architects designs all of our homes using passive design principles,
• Both dual occupancy homes have some northern light in their living spaces. The city views in unit 2 are to the west so we have a large European style balcony, west facing.
• Extended protection to the west
• External as well as internal blinds to protect to the west
• Good airflow and ventilation between spaces
• Maximum insulation

Residence 1 will be sold. It has also been designed with care & consideration. Paramount was broad appeal to maximize sale value as a luxury residence for the likely demographic.

It is a 4 bed home with 2 master suites, including one on the ground floor. It features open plan living, multiple outdoor spaces & upstairs city views as well study/home office space. The interior design has both luxury design features and practical considerations like lots of storage and a stunning but highly function kitchen. Home automation also features in this home.

This project is currently in construction and due for completion at the end of 2020