You really want your home to not only reflect the joy and spirit that Christmas and the holidays hold, however you also want your festive season styling to also reflect you, your personal taste, and to complement your home. Christmas Mantle With Horse Print, Tall Vases, Branches And Ornaments First assess what theme or look you will go with this year. Picking just one will ensure that your home looks stylish. Don’t be tempted to display or add too many items or play with multiple themes, as the look will become confusing and chaotic. Rustic Horchow Holiday Home Decor

You may wish to explore one of the following themes-

TRADITIONAL- Traditional festive season styling typically includes the colours green and red, along with the motifs we associated with Christmas such as Santa, reindeers, candy canes and so on and so forth. My advice here is to pick either green or red. The colours together can tend to look a little tacky. Colour blocking is a more elegant way to approach a traditional Christmas. Feel free to still display beautiful traditional items such as Christmas stockings and baubles, just keep the colour to one. Likewise on your tree, if your tree is green, keep decorations to red ( gold and silver will work here also ), or if you have a white tree, green decorations will work beautifully. Christmas Tree With A Color Scheme ALL WHITE- This look is understated and works best if you want to create a minimal aesthetic. Add white stars to your tree, white groupings of candles and crystal bowls piled high with decorated white baubles. Vases filled full of white flowers will further add to the festive beauty of your home. Heavily perfumed white flowers such as gardenias, magnolias and roses will also add a heavenly scent to your home. I recommend that you even ensure that your wrapping paper for gifts to be placed under the tree is neutral. Again, small amounts of gold and silver will be very complementary to your white Christmas theme. White Christmas Theme Country Style White Christmas Theme NATURE- Going back to basics will see you achieve this look at Christmas. Start at your front door with a wreath made of interwoven sticks. You can then add holly, stars or flowers to the wreath, which will beautifully set the scene for what is yet to come on the inside. Classic Christmas Wreath Place pine cones in clear bowls, and have large vases filled with rustic bunches of flowers. If you have indoor plants, why not wrap raffia bows around the pots for a unique twist on festive decoration. Christmas Table Centerpiece Small Christmas Decor SILVER SPARKLE- My personal favourite, a silver theme is both festive and elegant at the same time. Silver decorations on a white or green tree will look equally attractive, alternatively, you may wish to purchase a silver tree. Create sparkle with mirrored place mats on your table. Spray paint holly or Ivy with silver paint, and have it encircling silver candles for a stunning centre-piece. Suspend silver baubles with silver ribbon, at different lengths, from your fireplace mantle. Silver Christmas Ornaments Silver Christmas tree Silver Christmas Decorations WARM GOLD- Add a Midas touch to your home this festive season. Gold will create a glamorous sophistication to your decorating. Along with gold glass baubles for your tree, adding fairy lights to your tree will further add a gold shimmer to your space. Treat your guests to a dazzling gold display at your Christmas table. Using a white table cloth will allow you to start layering the table. Gold candles, wreaths and garlands will work as great focal points. Crystal glasses with gilt rims at a touch of luxury that will certainly see your guests enjoying their champagne. Gold Christmas Tree Stylish Christmas Decorations Gold Christmas Decorations So this year, why not embrace a new look for decorating your home. Then you can sit back and relax with champagne in hand, with your friends and family, surrounded by love and laughter Merry Christmas everyone !! ‘