Sweet dreams, How to turn your bedroom into a retreat

A retreat from the stresses of life

In an increasingly busy and chaotic world, it is ideal to create a place of sanctuary and respite within your home. Whether it is the stress of work, or the need to escape from a hectic family life, we are seeing more and more people with a desire to turn their bedrooms into a place that offers more than just a place to sleep.

Modern Bedroom Retreat

Contemporary Bedroom Featuring A Large Balcony

I am sure many if not most of you are familiar with this scenario- you have had had a bad day at work, you get home , the kids are already in bed, your partner is out, and all you want to do is take off your shoes and flop into bed. Having a gorgeous sumptuous and spacious bedroom to relax in, is just what the doctor ordered!!

Bedroom with Creams, Whites and Color Prints

Gorgeous Bedroom with a Hanging Chair

A multipurpose space

Having your Architect design a larger master bedroom, will allow you to not only have space for conventional bedroom furniture, but also allow you to have a chaise or seating group, a bookcase ,a built-in television /entertainment unit , and why not a concealed bar fridge or coffee machine ?

Modern & Retro Bedroom by Jessica Lagrange

Further adding to the relaxing nature of using you bedroom as a retreat, is the use of a balcony, or even a window seat.

Room with a view

Having a gorgeous vista creates an instant sense of tranquility and calm. In my opinion, there is nothing quite as lovely as lying in a bed with crisp white 1200 thread sheets, propped up by a plethora of marshmallowy cushions, and daydreaming while you look out onto the gentle hypnotic sway of tree branches. You may even be lucky enough to have a water view, in which case you may never want to leave your bedroom! The sound of water can further relax you, so why not consider the addition of a water feature on your balcony?

Modern Master Bedroom Design

Modern Master Bedroom Floor to Ceiling Windows

Master Bedroom With Own Private Terrace.

The ambiance of fire

Another luxury in your bedroom is a fireplace. For both warmth and ambience, a fireplace is a must. Imagine retreating from the noise of the children playing outside, to your chaise by the fireplace. Imagine curling up with an English breakfast tea and a good book in hand, with a mohair throw…trust me, you will soon be in heaven !

A Rich & Colorful Bedroom From A Chicago House

The use of colour

The use of careful decoration in your retreat will really dictate the mood or the feeling you are trying to create, for example dark plush charcoal carpets with chocolate timber cabinetry will create a warm masculine and moody ambience, whilst the use of whites and creams will create an ethereal relaxing and calming haven.

Bedroom Retreat With Views

Parchment Colored Burlap, and Clean White Linens create a Handsome Mans Retreat


The use of feature pendant lights will further create a point of difference and set the tone of your retreat. Always ensure you have dimmable ambient lighting in your retreat. Candles are also a must and will take you from bedroom to boudoir in an instant!

Elegant Grey Bedroom Interior with Hanging Lights and Recessed Lighting

Waking up relaxed refreshed and ready for a new day, will be a daily occurrence with these few key design features implemented in your home. Sweet dreams dear reader!!