Tennis Court Planning & Construction

Like every home site, every tennis court site is unique…. And so should the planning.

Try and have your court run north to south, lengthwise, meaning servers face north or south when they serve so they don’t have to serve into the sun as it rises and sets each day.


And keep in mind that the more room you can have between the baseline and the back fence, the sideline and the side, the more room players will have to run to get shots during points.

A large part of the cost of a court will depend on the type of surface you wish to lay. Tennis courts can be grass, clay, asphalt, concrete or synthetic and each comes with pros and cons for the court owner.


Concrete and asphalt courts are fairly common as they are amongst the cheapest to lay and require the least ongoing maintenance once they have been constructed.

A crucial factor in tennis court construction is the earthworks. Soil tests may be required to check how reactive your soil is.


Tennis courts all have approximately 1% fall so knowing the soil conditions is a must to obtain correct drainage.

A special blend of concrete is needed for surfaces to adhere to, whether it is an acrylic paint or synthetic grass.


The concrete base will have all the necessary steel reinforcing and accessories incorporated to form a solid base which will give the court excellent longevity.

A popular alternative is an asphalt base with an all-weather sport surface coating on top of it to both soften the surface and avoid the balls getting dirty.

This is still a hard surface and very durable.


Asphalt is laid by a professional Asphalter. With asphalt it is critical that the sub base is perfect, as it can be damaged easier than concrete by ground movement, bad drainage and trees.
Fencing is usually completed while the concrete or asphalt is curing.

Lighting and light poles are generally incorporated into the fence for a more attractive look.


Also consider whether the surface could be used for anything else. It may be wise to get your line painter to paint in lines for basketball or 5 a-side soccer in another colour so that your investment can be well used all year round.