The best approach for designing and building sloping block homes

The best approach for designing and building sloping block homes

Over the past 20 years, we have continued to perfect our processes for working with sloping blocks so we can design and deliver the very best home for each sloping site. We collaborate with you throughout the pre-design process to ensure we create a home perfect for you, your site and your lifestyle. Our approach is one of informed pre-design – only once we’ve gotten to know you and have gathered all the information about your sloping site do we begin the design work; ensuring your home meets the brief, suits the site, and falls within your budget. 

Continue reading to find out more about the Destination Living approach, and to see if this option is right for you when creating sloping block house designs.

Advantages of the Destination Living’s approach for sloping block house designs

1. Feasibility assessment

Sloping blocks can be rife with challenges and unexpected complexities, so we undertake extensive feasibility assessments before we design. We know all about your site – from council and authority constraints, to the impact of trees and neighbouring properties. Taking some time at the start of a project to adequately research the site will help you avoid a redesign and surprises in construction (therefore saving you time and money).

2. Tailored to your site

At Destination Living we never use set plans; instead each design is individually created for your sloping site. This means your home will take full advantage of the elevation, views, natural light and landscape of your site. 

3. Extensive briefing process

Our thorough briefing process is what makes our approach so successful. We take the time to understand how you want to live, what’s important to you, what you like, and how this aligns with your budget before we put pen to paper.

4. Making the most of your block

As part of our feasibility process we get to know your block from above. We use drones to set viewpoints on your block and identify everything that your site has to offer. The best way to find the nicest views on your block, is to fly up and see for yourself!


5. Built for you

We ensure that the design and build process is a collaborative one. We get to know you, what you need and what you love so we can create a home tailored for you and your budget. Not only that, we do our research on your site to ensure the plan is ideally suited for you. 

6. Bright living spaces

Natural Light is one of the most critical elements of good home design. It helps create the mood, ambience, as well as lifting the overall aesthetic of a home. Unlike set plan homes, our homes are designed to maximise the availability of natural light, and our living spaces always have northern light even if the orientation doesn’t facilitate it.

7. Collaboration

Our approach is a highly collaborative one, as we know how effective it is to work together and not in silos. You will work with three key stakeholders from the start to the end – the architect, interior designer and builder. To prevent heartache, we price along the way to ensure you are aware of the costs as you move through the design phase.

8. Immersive virtual reality

We use 3D design work and immersive virtual reality to bring your home design to life, meaning you can open the door and submerge yourself in your new living spaces. This allows you to experience the design, see how the light fills a room, and feel the flow of the plan. Not sure if the scale of the island bench is going to work for your new kitchen? You can use our VR experience to stand behind your island bench and survey the space as though you are in it.


The Destination Living approach to building on a sloping block is best suited to homeowners who want to make the most of their investment. Our approach of informed pre-design means an extensive and rigorous analysis of your site to uncover and assess your site’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats before we start designing.

We create bespoke home designs tailored to you, your lifestyle and your budget. Our designs maximise the natural features of your site to make the most of the views, the landscape and the natural light. Find out more about building on a sloping site