What do I like?

This is the fun first step; discovering what you like & don’t like. It’s a wonderful opportunity to dream, explore & discover. Start a pin board on Pinterest, Houzz or other social media sites to collect images of walk in robes. It’s interesting to look over what you have chosen as you will discover patterns in your selections, gravitations to particular colours, styles, etc

Factor and assess what you need practically in your walk in robe

Start with a cull to your current wardrobe, be brutal & rid yourself of day to day items not worn in 2 or more years, including shoes. This may be difficult, especially with shoes that are nice just to look at!! Once you have culled, measure up your current hanging space including single & double hanging and any clothing you may have hanging in other robes- this will tell you the minimum lineal meters you need to house your existing clothing- you can then assess how much extra hanging space you may want. Count up how many draws you have now & write down how plan to store items in drawers once your robe is built, e.g. 1 drawer for socks, 1 for tights, 2 drawers for winter sweaters, 1 for gym t-shirts etc. Count up how many shoes & boots & bags you have & estimate what you want to expand that to How many accessories do I have – space for handbags, belts, scarves, hats, seasonal items. Collate all of the above information to relay it to your interior designer or joiner as it will provide the practical framework for the design

How do I want to use your robe space?

Think about your morning ritual: How do you get ready in the morning now and how would like that to be once you have your walk in robe. Some questions to consider; Do you want a dresser in the walk in robe area so you can sit and do make- up & perfume and then jewellery? Do you want everything behind closed doors? Do you like the idea of a central seat in the middle surrounded by open shelves & hanging space so you can see all items? Where will my mirror be best situated? Do I have enough light natural or otherwise?

What’s the budget for your walk in robe?

This is where you need to be realistic, and there are many simple tips & tricks listed below that will make your walk in robe amazing no matter what your budget. If budget is an issue consider these budget friendly tips below; – Choose your materials wisely; this can save you thousands of dollars. The selection of material & type of detail can make a significant difference to the cost of your project – Open shelving with no backing to the wall is economical as less material required- paint the back of the wall or a wall paper backing as pictured is an economical design solution that also looks great – Minimize closed draws, replacing them with open cubicles for sweaters & T shirts – Normal straight shelving for shoes rather than cubicles or anything specifically customized – Hooks on walls for bags & accessories rather than shelving.