The Latest 2014 Kitchen Design Trends

With the New Year, comes new ideas, new trends globally and locally, and new and exciting products.

Whether you are building a new home or looking to update your existing kitchen, it is important that both you and your Interior Designer stay abreast of the latest trends. While it is desirable to be aware of these trends- it does not mean you have any obligation to follow them verbatim- in fact I advise to be careful of “trends” particularly with much more permanent and fixed areas of the home that are much harder to update. I do strongly suggest though, that you harness the best elements of the latest trends and technologies where applicable and incorporate these into your kitchen design.

I will touch on below; several trends that we will see push through the year that is 2014!


Interestingly we are seeing a push away from the stark all white minimalist kitchens of the past, with the trend increasingly toward creating warmth in the heart of your home. One of the easiest ways to create an instant feeling of warmth is to use timber in your kitchen. This can be done with accents, or the use of full timber joinery panels. Whatever the case, I implore you to ensure that the timber colour complements the rest of your interior scheme.

I.e.; if you have a red based timber floor, don’t use a yellow based timber for your kitchen joinery. We have also seen a trend emerging last year of the use of recycled/re-claimed timber used inside, particularly in kitchens. This will continue to trend this year, though it is a tricky trend to adopt without creating a “farm-house” look.

Kitchen with Timber Laminate Design

Modern Kitchen Renovation Using Marble and Caesar

Light Timber floor Boards with Linear Kitchen Bench

Modern Marble And Timber - from Genesin Studio

Open shelves and glass fronted cabinets

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to display items in the kitchen. This is driven by the rise in beautiful homewares, and the desire for people to show them off. It seems most stylish fashion houses these days are branching off into homewares – from Armani to Missoni, these stunning pieces deserve to be showcased! This trend is also driven by the increasing trend of injecting personal flair into the home.

Open Shelve Kitchen

Modern Open Shelve Kitchen

Caesarstone Kitchen With Open Glass Shelves

Glass Fronted Kitchen Cabinet

Slab and tiled splashbacks

The use of a glass Splashback will always be popular due to versatility in colour, the ease of cleaning, the cost and also the aesthetics; however there is a trend toward using natural stone and also tiles on the kitchen Splashback. latest trends for kitchen backsplashes. Whilst slab splashbacks look beautiful, it is important that several factors are consider- namely suitability of the stone, and also the cost that can be involved using some natural stones.

The most durable natural stone for backsplashes is granite. However, as with all natural stones, it must be resealed once to twice a year to maintain its protective properties. Marble looks beautiful in slab form on a Splashback and is generally a low-maintenance material, however on use in the kitchen, it should be carefully considered and certainly always sealed, as it is very porous and absorbs grease and dirt. A look that is trending from the 1950s is the use of a tiled splashback.

The benefit of using ceramic tiles on a splahback is that the colour and design possibilities are endless, and it’s a great opportunity to be fun and creative with colour shape and texture. However the greatest downfall of using tiles on a Splashback is cleaning and maintaining the grout.

White Granite Worktop and Splashback

Kitchen Tile Splashback

White Glass Tiled Splashback

Interesting taps

Often the kitchen sink is a focal point in the kitchen, and the kitchen tap a feature unto itself. The trend of the overly large gooseneck tap with spiral chrome detail is on the way out; instead these are quickly becoming replaced with interesting and often quirky colours, shapes and finishes.

This was definitely trending last year with bathroom taps and fittings, and has now followed suit into the kitchen! Bronze, copper and brass all add an individual shimmer of visual difference, while a quirky pop of a coloured tap will delight all who behold it. For those of you who wish to be a little safer but still wish to embrace the trend- why not go for velveteen looking matt finish black tap?

Interesting Copper Tapware

Black Kitchen Faucet

Modern Gold Kitchen Tapware Faucet


It seems that there is always a latest and greatest model of oven, dishwasher or fridge on the market, each boasting new and improved features. My advice is to talk with professionals about what is the best appliance for your specific needs, the most cost and energy efficient and of course, best aesthetically! One thing is for sure, we will see a trend toward a softer look in appliances, away from the bright shiny polished stainless steel that has ruled the kitchen for so long.

Instead we will see softer brushed finishes and even pale greys and white appliances pushing toward the forefront of kitchen appliance design.

Stainless Steel and Glass Kitchen Oven

Kitchen with Sandstrom White Oven