Best on Show- The top 2015 interior trends from The London design festival

The London Design Festival, conceived in 2003, has quickly garnered a huge international following and is arguably one of the world’s top 5 design festivals. This festival celebrates and applauds pioneers of creativity and emerging designers. It is a premiere destination for specifiers, international buyers and the media. This dynamic festival not only showcases the very best in innovative product, but also offers global design forum sessions and endless inspiration to designers, architects and the public.

With a show of this size there is undeniably a mix of the good tempered with the downright bad. There is also a paradoxical mix of the sublime and the experimental. From fashionable and elegant to the bold and bizarre, there really is something for everyone.

Lighting trends

There was a phenomenal quantity of all types of lighting this year including creative and quirky lighting installations, technologically advanced pendants and lights of all shapes and colours with unusual designs.

The Skybeamer light by Mai is a sleek UFO inspired fitting that is both customizable and available in a variety of gorgeous colours.

1 - the_skybeamer

As with many designers showcased at London Design Festival, Kyla McCallum is a young designer who is certainly emerging as one to watch. Her love of origami has seen her design the gorgeously intricate Foldability light.

2 -Leah---Off

3 - Leah_2on

Lee Broom, the English designer has, to be honest, a bit of an obsession with marble, and who could blame him. He has created some of the most breathtaking lights seen at LDF. His latest Nouveau Rebel collection is a gorgeous fusion of marble and crystal and are both sculptural and stunning at the same time.

4 - nouveau-rebel-lee-broom-marble-tube

Furniture Trends

Every year countless pieces of furniture are showcased and this year was no exception. A large number of pieces were bordering on the bizarre, while others are sure to be seen in the very best homes around the world in coming months.

Made In Ratio’s Cowrie chair will surely be one such piece. With its soft curvilinear form echoing the organic shape of the seashell it is named after, this plywood chair is an exquisite piece of art and craftsmanship.


Again echoing shapes in nature, the Geta Black Coffee Table by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. is reminiscent of rocks found at the beach that have been polished to a flat plane by years of being shaped slowly by the ocean. The very special thing with these tables is each piece is numbered and signed, which only adds to the exclusivity of this beautiful table.

6 - Black stone coffee table

Superstar designer Jasper Morrison first designed “side table” for SCP in 1996 however it was reissued this year in time to showcase at London Design Festival. This delicate side table is an exercise in elegance, fusing slim lines of hand formed iron and glass.

7 - scp_046_gareth_hacker44_grande

Here at Destination Living we highly covet the unprecedented style of B&B Italia, so naturally we were delighted to see several items on show at the London Design Festival. The Tobi-Ishi tables designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for B&B Italia are heavily inspired by stones found in ornamental Japanese gardens.

9 - black stone table - mid-tobiishi

Doshi Levien’s Almora chair designed for B&B Italia is an oversized swivel chair that just exudes comfort and relaxation to the highest degree. With the thoughtful addition of a footstool and a curved padded headrest, this is one very luxurious armchair.

10 - almora arm chair

The collaboration between Lara Bohinc and stone experts Lapicida Solaris Kinetic Table The stacked discs rotate to create an amazing kinetic sculptural coffee table made of marble and bronze. However at approx. $30,000.00 each, these gorgeous tables have a relatively substantial price tag.

11 - solaris-kinetic-table-2014--1150x1150.1404828517

12 - solaris-kinetic-table-2014-closed-1150x1150.1404829263

It’s probably no surprise that accessories featured prominently at London Design Festival.
From the sleek and architectural to the simple and safe, right through to the conceptual and crazy, there was a huge range of accessories, with something for everyone.

Accessories 2015

Tarnish Tableware Collection’ by Daniel Schofield are studies of solid brass that are designed to tarnish on one side only. The collection, including cups, vases and plates are designed to patina over time with use, which is intended to create a bond with the object and the user. These are particularly beautiful items designed with the user in mind.

13 - Tarnish_Collection_by_Daniel_Schofield_dezeen_468_3

There is perhaps no single female architect on this planet who eclipses the talent and creativity of esteemed Zaha Hadid. In her latest object design she has teamed up with Gareth Neal to create Vess-el Tableware, a vase using American hardwood. This design results in an other worldly; almost alien like extrusion that is a one of a kind design.

14 - wish project Zaha hadid

It was really wonderful to see many Australian designers presenting their designs at London Design Festival, and the latest offering by Queensland designers Husque was a real stand out. Using the renewable outer shell of the macadamia nut, they have cleverly fashioned a gorgeous collection of bowls that not only look fantastic but also cater to the increasing eco-conscious collectors amongst us.

15 -  Husque bowls
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