Travertine: Classical Beauty with Modern Appeal

Some things never go out of fashion.

In the sometimes fickle world of interior design, travertine – a natural stone loved for its stunning beauty, durability and practicality – has stood the test of time. This luxurious stone was, in fact, the ancient Roman’s prime building material for the Colosseum.
Travis Walton Cloverdale

Although the limestone and marble-like stone has never lost its classic appeal, it’s making a dramatic resurgence as one of the interior materials of choice in 2013.

With its versatile range of colours (there are hundreds of tonal variations from lovely beige to delicate rose) and highly dependable qualities, travertine tiles are popularly used in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Travertine Bathroom

It works beautifully as a material which seamlessly bridges the interior and exterior environments.

With its visually appealing neutral tones, this stone can also be used as a subtle accent in fireplaces, entrances, hallways, columns, walls or even swimming pools. Travertine’s inherent colour variations and unique textures simply add to its sophisticated charm.

timber walls and grey travertine kitchen

The stone’s ability to inject glamour and understated opulence into a space has made it the material of choice for both classic and contemporary homes worldwide.

Home owners who opt for a touch of travertine in their build or renovation will be rewarded with a timeless beauty that will only add value to their properties.