Wall Coverings

Are you looking to refresh a tired wall in your home, Are you looking to add visual interest, but tired of the flat texture of paint? Then perhaps you should consider the application of wallcoverings!


As opposed to wallpaper that can be fiddly to apply and has the reputation of being somewhat old fashioned, wall coverings are a fashionable and easy to apply alternative. Wall coverings also dispense with the use of paper backings which make wallpaper difficult to maintain.


Originally used extensively in the commercial and hospitality market, wallcoverings have increasingly been embraced in residential applications due their durability, their ease of cleaning, their appearance and in some cases their fire retardancy. Rich in actual, or implied textures, wallcoverings add more complexity to the interior in which they are used.
Wall coverings can be applied directly and easily onto your existing surfaces and you are only limited by your imagination with the look that you are wanting to achieve. With self adhesive backings, the minimization of messy glues is another big advantage. .Many wallcoverings also have the leverage of being resistant to UV to prevent fading over time, to ensure that colours retain their vibrancy.


There is a comprehensive range of wallcoverings available including textile, sisal, silk, and grass cloth to name but a few. For that special feature wall you could even consider a wall covering made entirely of tiny glass beads to create a dazzling effect. Rich gold’s and silvers can be used as an instant injection of luxe glamour to any space. One of my favourite applications for wallcoverings is actually for a bedhead ! It creates perfect definition and sense of refinement to any bedroom Consider also to apply wallcoverings on acoustic panels in home theatres, and why not be adventurous and create some drama with applying it to a ceiling?


Trends we will see in 2014 will certainly see our love affair with metallic’s continue. Luxe Concrete and distressed reliefs will be hot in demand,! Bold geometric shapes will feature heavily and will be a lot of fun for the adventurous, while an increasing trend in Eco-chic will see natural fibers create texturally stunning backdrops.


So go on, why not explore this incredible interior application, for an instant style update, and see what a difference wallcoverings can make to your home.