Positioning & Layout

The position of the Powder Room in the home is important. It’s best to have the door hidden away from the living and dining areas to give some extra privacy to users. If possible, it should also be on an outer wall or off a courtyard so that you can get a window for ventilation and natural light. A deliberate visual connection with the landscape or garden can transform your experience. The layout within the room is also important. Hide the toilet pan behind a wall if you have the space or just make sure it is not the first thing you see when you open the door. Rather, the vanity is best placed in direct view from the door, this is most likely to be the feature and will look nice if the door happens to be left open.


Tiles are not compulsory. If you have timber floors through the house then you should look at continuing them into the Powder Room. You will need to check that the supplier will provide a warranty for this and run it by your surveyor as there can be requirements associated with this, but it is definitely worth it visually. Another option would be to use “timber-look” tiles that come in board lengths and can be laid to match a timber floor or a beautiful herringbone or chevron pattern. These tiles could also be used on the wall for a more prominent feature.

A Little Something Special

The Powder Room is generally dedicated for guests and therefore it can be a bit special, some of the more practical bathroom recommendations can be put aside as this is a room where you can do something a little crazy or create some wow factor to impress your visitors. If your home has a particular style or theme then you could push that look, dial it up a notch. For example, with a black and white theme you could select black feature wall tiles that will look stunning with a white stone bench top and bowl. This would make for a super luxurious powder room and black always adds mood to a space. If you have a more traditional house you could use damask or textured wallpaper or tile and a beautiful chandelier.

Or for a contemporary house go very minimalist, clean lines and let the materials be the feature. Powder Rooms tend to be small so if your budget is tight this would be a great area to spend money on a marble or granite bench top with an above counter stone basin.   

The Hero

Be deliberate with your choice of fittings and fixtures. Select an item to feature and then compliment it with the other selections and design. For example, you might feature a gold, copper or black fitting, a large freestanding basin or maybe even a sensor tap if you are into technology and hygiene.


In a Powder Room there is not a great requirement for storage beyond a couple of drawers or a small cupboard for some spare paper rolls, hand towels and soaps or lotions. Therefore, having a floating vanity is a great option. This will provide enough storage, while keeping the floor underneath clear which actually makes the space look bigger. If you want some extra hidden storage you could create a recessed cabinet behind the mirror but this is only necessary if the Powder Room is part of a larger bathroom and you want to hide toothpaste and brushes etc.

Decoration & Styling

If you like minimal styling then keep it simple, hand soap, hand towel and a little plant to give the room some life and keep it fresh. If you want to put a little more on display then make sure the items aren’t competing for your attention, in a small space you don’t want to be overwhelmed.

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