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Knock down rebuild

Love your neighbourhood but your home no longer suits? Destination Living will help you update your home.

Knock down rebuild in Melbourne

Do you renovate or knock down and rebuild?

Often the best way to buy into or stay in the neighbourhood you want is to knock down an outdated building and fashion a new home designed just for you. Destination Living can help you bring this dream to a reality, creating a wonderful home crafted for your family which fits in with the streetscape.

Upgrade to a new home and stay local

Many of Melbourne’s most character filled suburbs are populated with homes built for a bygone era. When rooms are boxy and the building is filled with small windows, limited benchspace or has a cluttered floorplan – the best approach is often to start again.

At Destination Living, we have decades of experience creating new residences designed for the modern lifestyle. We can help you ensure your new home makes the most of an ideal location without overcapitalising its value.

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Capitalise on all the features of your chosen site. You’ll find an initial appraisal helps you make an informed decision.

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Considerations with a knock down and rebuild

Define your needs

We’ll help you start your thinking with a rational appraisal of your land’s value and the reasons for a knock down rebuild.

Whether it’s for your new home or an investment property where you’ll live in later on, it’s important to bring an experienced approach as this can impact greatly on the design you choose.


We‘ll help you make a detailed assessment of your purchase, including the property’s access to amenities like shops, schools and transport, and the likely response of neighbouring owners to your plans.


You should consider the size of your block to ensure you have sufficient space to construct your home.


Our design will ensure you use the sun to your advantage and make your living space an inviting place to be. Good solar orientation increases the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to own.


Planning policies and council regulations may impact on your plans for your block.

You will want to consider zoning issues and have a detailed understanding of site specific issues, such as easements and setbacks, overlays and covenants, which may restrict the style of the house you are hoping to build.

We can help you review title and planning issues before settling on your plans.

Physical constraints

Destination Living will also assess your site for natural hazards like fires or flooding, and ensure you make the most of surrounding trees and vegetation, slopes and access issues like parking.

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Calculate the cost of your knock down rebuild home

Every knock down rebuild can often come with their own unique challenges and intricacies. With over twenty years of experience in designing and building custom knock down rebuild homes, we can help you calculate the cost of your project.

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